Ingram Micro Cloud Receives AWS Config Service Delivery Validation

IRVINE, Calif. – November 2, 2022 – Ingram Micro Cloud has obtained the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Config Service Delivery validation within the AWS Service Delivery Program, further bolstering its expert knowledge of AWS services in supporting partners' technical needs as they manage their cloud business.

The AWS Config Service Delivery validation recognizes AWS Partners that have deep technical knowledge, experience and proven success in delivering specific AWS services to customers. Through the AWS Service Delivery Program, Ingram Micro Cloud has earned the AWS Config Delivery validation. Members of the AWS Config Delivery Program, like Ingram Micro Cloud, specifically help AWS customers assess, audit, and evaluate the configurations of their AWS resources. With AWS Config, customers and AWS Partners can review changes in configurations of AWS resources, explore resource configuration histories, and examine compliance against configurations.  

The AWS Service Delivery Program is only available to AWS Partner Network (APN) members that have demonstrated achievements involving enablement of products, services and additional offerings meant to provide customers with greater access to, or an enhancement of, the digital tools available from AWS. To obtain this AWS Service Delivery Program validation, Ingram Micro Cloud passed a rigorous technical evaluation, proving the organization follows best practices for configuration services and provided case studies demonstrating successful customer service delivery. 

“By meeting high AWS standards, this validation gives our customers further confidence in our world-class competence in providing specialized AWS services to help them gain a deeper understanding of their AWS resources,” said Kevin Kareth, head of strategic partnerships - AWS, Ingram Micro Cloud. “It can be hard for companies to have both a bird's eye and close-up view of their configurations, how they change, and how they relate to one another. At Ingram Micro Cloud, we aim to make these processes easier so partners can focus on what they do best.”

By harnessing AWS Config, companies can more easily assess the configurations of their AWS resources, audit compliance of their resource configurations and preview the effects of configuration changes on other resources, reducing the risk of incidents, analysis, compliance auditing, change management and operational troubleshooting.

Ingram Micro Cloud and AWS entered into a global Strategic Collaboration Agreement (SCA) in March of 2021. Since then, Ingram Micro Cloud has been expanding its capabilities and technical depth to better support its partners. This is the third AWS technical achievement in addition to two competencies Ingram Micro Cloud has obtained this year, AWS Cloud Management Tools (CMT) ISV Competency and the AWS DevOps Consulting Competency.  

Ingram Micro Cloud’s wide range of partner programs and resources offer support for its partners and the organizations it works with in the construction of Ingram Micro Cloud’s cloud practices and management of end customers. Ingram Micro Cloud is an AWS Advanced Tier Services Partner in the APN and an AWS Distributor, and currently provides an AWS Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE) team who collectively hold 300+ AWS certifications. Ingram Micro Cloud is also a member of the AWS Well-Architected Partner Program.

Further information about Ingram Micro Cloud’s AWS expertise can be found here.  

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Victoria Casillas

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  • Date November 03, 2022