Modernizing Support to Improve Customer Satisfaction

Lavoro Moderno Supporto per migliorare la Customer Satisfaction

As a valued partner, you deserve the best the industry has to offer. And we’re not just talking about small things here and there; Ingram Micro Cloud is making it happen in a big way. Following a comprehensive assessment of our global customer support system, we’re initiating a series of sweeping changes to elevate your partner experience. And we’re calling it “Modern Support.”

Currently underway, these improvements will provide the answers and assistance you need more quickly and efficiently by bringing our customer support in-house and local starting in early 2021—all to allow you to put more of your focus on running a profitable cloud business.

Modern Support: Investing in your long-term success

You’ll soon discover our new Modern Support plan strikes just the right balance between in-country and centralized support. This hybrid approach will reduce resolution times for both technical and non-technical issues by providing you easy access to teams of local experts in both areas. These local teams will deliver a greater level of customer support and accelerate first-call resolution times across myriad issues, ranging from billing to technical.

And, if and when you need help outside local business hours, our centralized in-house support—located in the United States and Australia—will provide “follow the sun” support for faster resolution.

Creating a more personalized experience for you and your customers

Your local, in-country team will have the tools and resources to have a more positive impact on your business—and deliver more empowerment—to ensure your partner experience is tailored to your goals and needs. And that you have the speed, efficiency and know-how you need to win.

Based on listening closely to you, our valued partners, we’re also making significant advances in a number of other areas sure to help your business.

Coming soon: More ways to create more profit

By accessing the new tools and processes to support your recurring service business, you’ll be ideally positioned to generate more revenue in the marketplace, leading to more profit. In addition to providing in-house, local support, we’re also planning to deliver even more improvements, including:

  • Maintaining a dedicated support team with enhanced Microsoft skills
  • Streamlining Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace credits and refunds
  • Modernizing credit line requests and increases
  • Ensuring better alignment with calendar billing
  • Simplifying invoices to make them more intuitive
  • Making ongoing improvements to Cloud Marketplace
  • Offering new learning opportunities via live chat & Cloud University

Stay tuned for more details on when the updates above will be available as well as when you can access the Modern Support upgrades mentioned earlier. In the meantime, if you have any questions, please reach out to your Ingram Micro Cloud representative for assistance.

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  • Category Company & Partnership News

  • Written by Ted Rajanayagam

  • Published on January 18, 2021

Ted Rajanayagam

Ted Rajanayagam, Executive Director, Global Cloud Customer Service, Ingram Micro Cloud

With over 15 years of IT, customer service and telecommunications experience, Ted is focused on delivering a world-class customer service experience through a variety of channels, including call centers and self-service.