Global Cloud Growth Solutions Series: Seamless Security

Global Cloud Growth Solutions Series: Seamless Security

As the world continues forward towards full digital transformation, new ways of doing business have given rise to myriad new security threats. With modern application architectures, the use of containers, serverless functions and microservices proliferating, it is becoming increasingly difficult for customers to identify, mitigate and manage software vulnerabilities.

Consequently, the rate and severity of cybercrime have been increasing. In 2021, cybercrime complaints in the United States were up 7% over the previous year, and losses have increased from $1.4 billion in 2017 to $6.9 billion in 2021. Under this pressure, customers are giving unprecedented attention to securing systems and the protection of confidential data.

It’s time for forward-thinking partners to invest in the right technology and expertise to guarantee their customers’ seamless security in the future. A bullet-proof digital infrastructure requires a shift in thinking from traditional security solutions to holistic cybersecurity-first approaches.

Ingram Micro Cloud recognizes the need for digital service providers to keep up with the current pace of customer demands. We have therefore launched the Global Cloud Growth Solutions initiative, focused on the fastest growing and most significant opportunity areas for accelerating growth – Modern Cloud Platforms (IaaS), Seamless Security, Connected Workplaces and Business Performance. The second of our four-part blog series on these focus areas explores the evolving need for seamless cybersecurity in a new age.


Achieve Seamless Cybersecurity 

Whether you sell, provide or manage digital solutions for customers, security is a key component and priority of all digital business operations. Especially now that security threats have increased significantly due to digital transformation – two-thirds of companies worldwide will be affected by a cyberattack this year – IT businesses must operate with an eye firmly on the security of infrastructure and service offerings.

The total addressable market for cybersecurity solutions and cybersecurity as a service was estimated in 2021 at $144B and is expected to rise to $209B by 2025. This burgeoning market opens tremendous opportunities to add new solutions, differentiate your service offering from your competitors and prioritize either adding security to existing portfolios or entering the cybersecurity as a service market with holistic packages.

This is precisely why our approach to Seamless Security provides partners with in-depth training and scaled offerings ready for MSP and MSSPs to capture new growth opportunities in security. The solution areas and their services aim to safeguard infrastructure, endpoints, data and critical information while ensuring security operations management.


Three Areas of Expertise 

For those ready to take the next step and meet the needs of their customers, these tools, services and resources help build, grow and mature a profitable cybersecurity practice. Our initiative offers a holistic approach that delivers exclusive services, offerings and resources. You can leverage our extensive tools and training to reach more customers, scale beyond your current services and ensure you stand out in the IT solutions ecosystem.

To develop Growth Solutions, Ingram Micro Cloud worked with security experts and the world's most respected cybersecurity solution providers. Our goal is to enable teams to use automated tools that allow them to develop software securely in cloud environments without complicating their daily work. Instead of taking hours to complete security implementations, Ingram Micro Cloud’s solutions provide peace of mind with smooth and embedded training and deployment strategies. 

The Seamless Security growth solutions target three different areas:

Endpoint Security: Innovative endpoint protection solutions and insights to safeguard data and workflows associated with individual devices and servers. Offering comprehensive and advanced threat prevention, detection and response solutions protect organizations from crippling breaches and business disruptions.

Identity Security: Authentication security and vulnerability management solutions are built on a foundation of privileged access management, securing all identities throughout the cycle of accessing critical assets to protect personnel, applications, and data that are essential to business operations.

Security Operations: Security operations solutions include SIEM-to-security orchestration, automation, response integration and compliance reporting. These security operation solutions also empower organizations with simple and secure access to business resources using single sign-on and adaptive multi-factor authentication protection.

Move Forward with Growth Solutions for Security

Arguably, there have never been as many security threats as today. That’s why our approach to Seamless Security aims to move toward a bright business future with comprehensive asset and data protection. Importantly, this includes seamless login, endpoint security, identity security and complete security operations management. We offer peace of mind by protecting your business and the solutions you offer to your customers.

Ingram Micro Cloud is your partner to build and scale in the fastest-growing areas of the channel. Success in today's cloud means preparing for tomorrow's cloud. That’s why we are preparing our partners for revenue in current environments and planning the next steps in their growth trajectory.

Take a look at our next blog on the Global Cloud Growth Solutions to learn more about Connected Workplaces.

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