Our goal? For you to achieve and exceed your goals.

A New Dimension to Mutual Growth

Our growth mindset and our drive to innovate permeates through everything we do. That’s why we’ve zeroed in on key growth solutions to help maximize customer success not only for today, but for the future to come.

Growth solutions are focused focal points wherein we can organize and define the areas in which we most excel in, enriching the businesses, partners and vendors we team with to drive optimized business outcomes and strategic growth.

A Focus on Growth

We want customers to not only achieve their goals but exceed them. Through our Global Cloud Growth Solutions, you can achieve sustainable success by receiving targeted insights and appropriate solutions that best fit your business needs. We understand how rapidly our digital environment is changing – that’s why it is our goal to put you on a fast track towards success.

Key Areas of Growth

Ingram Micro Cloud offers deep specialization and expertise in the following areas:

Modern Cloud Platforms:

Modern infrastructure solutions are the framework of success, and they are a requisite for driving profitability and growth. Our platform expertise is purpose-built for app modernization and Data & Insight.


We provide you with peace of mind by providing security protection that safeguards everything that’s vital to your business, including Endpoint Security, Identity Security, and Security Operations.

Connected Workplace:

Reap the benefits of productivity and efficiency through a variety ofVirtual Desktops collaboration-focused resources. We can empower your business with tools like Collaboration Apps, Digital Experiences and Virtual Desktops.

Business Performance:

We take a tailor-made technological approach to personalize what strategies work best for you and your business. We can equip your teams with CRM technology, ERP software and Low / Code Platforms for quicker builds and integrations.

The Future of Cloud Growth

Business models are changing, but at a pace that is nearly unrecognizable. As the industry continues to evolve, we see:

  • Hyperscalers dominating the industry and redefining partner models and programs
  • Traditional OEMs reinventing themselves and commit to as-a-Service models
  • The service provider market changing rapidly, with consolidation taking place
  • Marketplaces becoming more and more dominant, traditional IT supply chains being overhauled
  • Customer demand and requirements changing, propositions constantly being redefined
  • Rapid focus on industry clouds, cloud services that are fine-tuned for specific and unique industry

Current business models may not withstand this rapid change – we are already anticipating these changes through our Growth Solutions.

Guidance, Tools and Platform for Success

With the right tools and resources, not only can you conquer today’s obstacles, you’ll also be ready to overcome what’s on the horizon. Each growth solution builds on and works alongside every other solution to define and strengthen your business’ path to success.

Before focusing on any one growth solution, the Ingram Micro Cloud team takes time to understand the strength and maturity of each partner’s portfolio. This allows us to recognize points of improvement and identify areas of new business growth. Then, it all comes together as a unique symphony, just for your business.

Expert Guidance Led by Deep Industry Specialization

Our solutions are purpose-built to offer app modernization, seamless security, crucial key insights from data, Connected Workplaces and Business Performance. Alongside our robust portfolio, we offer world-class technology that to kickstarts your business. We don’t stop there. Local support and sales teams can support your business, no matter its unique local needs. We can help pivot and augment your current capacities to leverage new opportunities.

In-Depth Training and Technical Support for Today and Tomorrow

Featuring sales and technical trainings, we setup your team with the tools it needs to maximize your growth today and tomorrow. Increase your business’ vendor competencies and technical knowledge. Learn how to harness the power of data and its insights as well as how to modernize and augment current resources. In addition to training, we offer robust service delivery capabilities such as professional and managed services. You’ll gain experience in today’s cloud environment as well as prepare your business for what is on the horizon.

Forward-Thinking Growth that Welcomes End-Customer Demand

Success in today’s cloud also means preparation for tomorrow’s cloud. We prepare our artners for revenue in current environments and begin planning the next steps for continued growth. Whether embracing future business models or shifting focus to industry clouds, we lead our partners with skills and experiences focused on customer outcome-based conversations.

Fastest Growing Ecosystem Driven by Operation Excellence

Our leading and fast-growing ecosystem extends the available routes to market for our partner’s continued growth. Our rich portfolio, powered by our leading platform technology, means you can purchase and procure software, solutions, and business services, giving you the ability to consolidate and standardize your procurement and contracts with leading IP for Optimized Integrations. Our support for hyper-scaler marketplaces means we are paving your way for every available growth option. Be it new or traditional, we offer trusted platforms and the upcoming subscription and cloud-based solutions that will define these spaces going forward.

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