Protect your boundaries with Deep Secure

Protect your boundaries with Deep Secure

It is estimated that the world will store 200 zettabytes of data by 2025. This is largely due to a greater number of people conducting business online, the shift to remote working which has been accelerated by the pandemic, and the enormity of the Internet of Things. The problem is all of this creates fertile ground for cybercriminals.

Protecting such a large and disparate attack surface is no easy feat, especially when there are so many variables to contend with. That is why Deep Secure believes we need to take a totally fresh look at the problem of malware and how to combat it, not just for today but also in the future.


Who are Deep Secure?

Deep Secure solves the biggest cybersecurity problem of the information age by giving customers complete confidence that incoming business information is malware-free via their Threat Removal platform.  

Today, Deep Secure’s proven solutions are deployed across five continents and tried and trusted by many of the world’s most security conscious organisations. Organisations that cannot afford any mistakes, from sectors including Government, Defence & Intelligence, Law Enforcement, Critical National Infrastructure and Finance.


How does Threat Removal work?

Unlike traditional cybersecurity solutions, Deep Secure Threat Removal uses transformation rather detection. The process works like this. Threat Removal intercepts every incoming file, extracts just the valid business information, discards the original (along with any malware), verifies the extracted information and builds a brand-new file containing the business information to deliver to the intended recipient.

By relying on transformation, Deep Secure is able to deliver 100% guaranteed threat-free files that are pixel perfect and fully revisable. There is no risk from even the most sophisticated attacks, including ‘zero day’ malware.


How can Deep Secure Threat Removal benefit your business?

Highly versatile

Deep Secure is able to deal with the varying and changing needs of your business. Deep Secure Threat Removal transforms a wide range of the most popular file formats including Office files, images and PDFs. Not only does this mean that you can protect the files that you use regularly as part of your business, but these are also the file types most commonly used by attackers. Deep Secure Threat Removal is also available for Web browsing, email, file upload, file sharing and many more use cases, and comes with a choice of on-premise, virtual and cloud-native deployment options.


Easy to deploy

Alongside wide ranging and effective protection for your business, Deep Secure Threat Removal is easy to install and use. Swift deployment is key to giving you the peace of mind that you are protected from the get-go. Deep Secure Threat Removal can replace detection-based anti-virus at the boundary or augment an existing defence with as little as four lines of code, and start working with an existing web gateway in under 15 minutes.


Reduces operational costs

As well as protecting your business, Deep Secure Threat Removal allows you to also reduce your costs while maintaining security. There are no signature updates or security patches required to maintain Deep Secure Threat Removal, helping business to reduce their administrative costs. The nature of the transformation defence deployed by Deep Secure also reduces SOC cost as well as remediation costs.

Deep Secure is one of the most innovative cyber security companies in the world. It has completely reimagined how to defeat malware, solving one of the world’s most intractable problems.  For more details contact

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  • Written by Jenni Livesley

  • Published on June 08, 2021


Jenni Livesley, Cloud Campaign Manager, Ingram Micro Cloud