Microsoft Partner Center – Maximize Value with MCI Engagements


Microsoft Partner Center – Maximize Value with MCI Engagements

Within the Microsoft Partner Center, users can access the Microsoft Commerce Incentive (MCI). These engagements are a progressive step for partners in their customers’ lifecycle towards helping to maximize value and keep customers engaged. Take advantage of this feature by following these steps to get started.


Access the Engagements section

  1. Sign in to the Partner Center dashboard and select the Incentives tile.
  2. Select MCI Engagements from the menu.

Engagements overview

The Engagements page lists all earning opportunities, separated by solution area. You can select a solution area below the Incentives | Engagements heading to view the list of available engagements for that solution area. You can also filter the engagements by location, status, and role.

  • The Engagements listing shows name, availability, role, eligibility details and number of active customers for each engagement.
  • The Availability column lists the status for each engagement as upcoming, active or expired.
  • The Eligibility column provides the eligibility status of enrolled locations.
    • A green icon indicates one or more earning locations for that specific engagement. The number of earning locations out of enrolled locations is displayed next to the green icon.
    • No green icon means none of the enrolled locations are earning on the engagement.
  • The Attention required tab lists any important actions that you need to take. Selecting an engagement will take you to its Summary page. Once there, you can go to the Customers page and Eligibility page.


Summary page

Each engagement's Summary page provides a high-level description of the earning opportunity, along with the partner qualification criteria, customer qualification criteria and rates.

Eligibility page

The Eligibility page lists all locations enrolled in the MCI program, their eligibility status and their payee profile status.

  • A green check mark next to the eligibility status and payee profile status indicates eligibility to earn on the specific engagement for that location.
  • Select the eligibility status for any qualification criteria that need to be met to earn for that engagement in the specific location.
  • The payee profile status will have a link to update the bank or tax profile if needed.

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  • Written by Hailey Henry

  • Published on August 18, 2022

Hailey Henry

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