A loss of overview

A loss of overview

82% of companies would like an all-in-one solution


IT is often complex to set up, the cost of cybersecurity solutions is high and there is a great lack of experienced professionals.

Even with updates, products are static and can’t adapt fast enough to keep up with threats, or businesses, as they evolve. Services help businesses stay agile and are more cost-effective when delivered right, which is why the future of our industry is in delivering everything as a service,” he explained. “Having a platform designed for the servitization of cyber security can help organizations get better protection, which is why simplicity and flexibility are F-Secure Elements’ core design principles.” - Juha Kivikoski, F-Secure Executive Vice President of Business Security.


One platform for all your security needs

F-Secure Elements allows you to manage your customers' security needs from one console. It combines endpoint protection, endpoint detection & response, vulnerability management and collaboration protection for cloud services. Simply put, the all-in-one security solution allows you to simplify your customers' cybersecurity setup.

  • Automated patch management against vulnerability exploits.
  • Proactive prevention against modern malware and ransomware.
  • Visibility of the entire attack.
  • Instant and accurate measurements with automated and controlled response actions + 24/7 on-demand support.
  • Quickly manage attacks with automated and controlled response actions + 24/7 on-demand support.
  • Advanced cloud security for Microsoft 365 environments.
  • Supported by real-time threat intelligence and analytics to identify new and emerging threats within minutes of inception.


See an example of the all-in-one platform here:


One platform for all your security needs


Why F-Secure Elements?

More prevention

Cyber breaches often mean long production downtime, resulting in major losses. Reduce the risks of cyber breaches by taking a holistic approach of cybersecurity.


More clarity

Easier licensing and fewer security management tasks translate into higher productivity. Get less ambiguity while improving your customer's cybersecurity.


More money left

When you choose cloud-native management, you also choose the lack of server investment and automatic updates. Which results in lower costs for you and your customers, while achieving the highest level of protection.



The solutions

Endpoint protection

The vast majority of cybersecurity breaches start at the endpoint. Therefore, it is essential to protect them. Elements provides advanced anti-malware and patch management, ensuring that your customers' endpoints remain protected no matter where they are. Learn more here.


Endpoint Detection and Response

Detecting and responding to increasingly advanced and targeted attacks, you’ll need visibility into your customers IT environments. Elements gives you the visibility you need, alerts you when something is wrong and guides your response to a successful outcome. Learn more here.


Vulnerability Management

No matter how well you have protected your customers, if there is a way in, attackers will find it. Elements scans your customers' network and deep web, detects vulnerabilities and alerts you immediately when any are discovered. Learn more here.


Cloud Protection

And last but not least. Almost all malware is still delivered via email. Customer employees still accidentally click on wrong links. With Elements for Microsoft 365, your customer's organisation is protected from, even the most advanced, malware threats. Learn more here.


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I won't believe it until I see it? We’ve got you covered!

Try it yourself. F-Secure offers a 30 day free trial. This gives you direct insight into your customer's IT environment and allows you to spot potential cyber-attacks and IT problems within minutes.

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More than 30 years of experience

F-Secure is no small, inexperienced player in the market. For three decades, F-Secure has been developing groundbreaking security solutions and protecting millions of people. They have unparalleled experience in endpoint protection, detection and incident response, and highly advanced technology. With the power of machine learning and more than skilled security professionals on staff, they are internationally respected and have been protecting their customers from all types of cyber-attacks for years.


Please contact Lionel, he will tell you more!

Lionel Poivre, our sales specialist, would like to tell you more about F-Secure Elements and what added value it can bring to you and your end customers. Please contact her at lionel.poivre@ingrammicro.com or by phone at +32 2 254 94 65. You can reach us Monday to Friday from 9.00 to 17.30.


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  • Published on September 02, 2021

Lionel Poivre

Lionel Poivre, Sales specialist, Ingram Micro