Introducing Microsoft Teams Essentials on Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace

Introducing Microsoft Teams Essentials on Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace

Ready to Transact Microsoft Teams Essentials? 

As of Dec 01, 2021, Microsoft launched Microsoft Teams Essentials, a standalone version of Teams. We are thrilled to announce that it is now available on Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace. At Ingram Micro Cloud, we are committed to providing an exceptional platform and customer experience, hence we partnered with Microsoft to launch Teams Essentials, live on Cloud Marketplace to purchase on Day 1. Isn’t that awesome?

Teams Essentials is a new subscription that brings the best of the Teams at an affordable price. This new subscription will allow you and your customers to stay connected and learn, create and innovate together. It is designed to transform the way people work and interact with each other, with collaboration firmly in mind. It will help you connect naturally, stay organized, and bring ideas to life.

Teams Essentials: An easier sell opportunity, more customers and more profitability

As we evolve into an era of ‘remote work’, the future of work is being shaped before our eyes. Teams Essentials will play a pivotal role for customers looking to get the maximum value of Teams for chat, messaging and video messaging, all as a silo SKU. As per Microsoft Work Trend Index Report: 73% of workers say they want flexible remote work options and today more than ever Organizations have more budgets put aside for hybrid workplace models and applications, making Teams Essentials an easier sell.

Teams Essentials unlocks new customer segments for you:

  1. First Cloud Workload: Teams Essentials works seamlessly with On-Premises or Hosted Exchange so that perpetual Office customers can get Teams in the cloud.
  2. Standalone Meetings and Calling: Teams Essentials delivers a full Teams experience without deploying the full Microsoft 365 suite, enabling new targeted motions for Teams Phone System and Calling Plans.
  3. Frontline Workers in SMB: Teams Essentials enables the right scenarios at the right price point for existing SMB customers to expand their coverage to all Frontline Workers

With the 3 new customer segments above, Teams Essentials will make the adoption of the cloud easier for partners. Also, while partners are at it, they can now earn a rebate from Microsoft from anywhere between 13% to 23%* in front and back-end incentives if they transact Microsoft Teams Essentials as per Microsoft FY22 Incentives. In a nutshell, it means easier sell opportunities, more customers and more profitability!

Are you ready to harness this opportunity?

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* Partner can earn on average 9%+ in front-end margins with Ingram Micro Cloud, plus 4% in Microsoft MW core incentives and an incremental 10% for new customer adds.

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