Ingram Micro Cloud Supports The Magic Behind Data Canopy's Customer Service

Ingram Micro Cloud Supports The Magic Behind Data Canopy's Customer Service

Catching up with Data Canopy

Data Canopy is an Infrastructure-as-a-Service provider with a global footprint and a focus on using technology to make business better.

“We want to be the easy button for organizations,” said Ryan Barbera, CEO of Data Canopy. “And so, everything that we do is always with an eye towards how you can leverage technology to improve the business. I always tell people if it’s not helping you make money or save money, you’re not buying it.”


Growing with Ingram Micro Cloud

One example of Data Canopy’s colocation clients is a financial software company that provides the underlying transaction software for nearly every large trading platform, such as Goldman Sachs and Bank of America. The speed of data transmission and transactions are measured in microseconds. When this client was looking to do a massive migration from a premise-based data center (with traditional hardware and infrastructure) to the cloud, they were evaluating Amazon Web Services (AWS). Data Canopy had limited experience with the Cloud Adoption Framework required by the client and considered potentially not bidding on the project. 

“However, the Ingram Micro Cloud team came in and helped us not only earn the trust of the client, but also win that project for all of us,” Barbera proudly said. “Chris Kesik from DevOps, Tim Fitzgerald and John Dusett —the whole team helped us do a full proof of concept. We helped them with their containerization. We helped them with their migration into the cloud. And now the client has a platform that is going to allow them to grow in markets in a matter of days or weeks, as opposed to months.”


Partnering for Growth

Another benefit to being an Ingram Micro Cloud partner is having access to Ingram Micro Cloud’s ecosystem. PTP is an Ingram Micro Cloud partner with expertise in building on AWS. Knowing that integrating with AWS and doing migrations to AWS can be a difficult process, Ingram Micro Cloud and PTP got together and looked at some of the resellers and MSPs who might benefit from working with PTP. 

“Ingram Micro Cloud reached out us and said, ‘We think you would gain a lot from working with PTP,’ and they were right,” said Barbera. “We received very specific education from PTP where they walked us through how to take advantage of AWS opportunities, how to build our strategy around that, and how to go to market more effectively with Ingram Micro Cloud on AWS.”

“I can’t say enough good things about Ingram Micro Cloud,” he adds. “Tim Mottl, our partner manager, made sure that we not only attended Cloud Summit, but when we went there, that we had valuable meetings with people who would help to grow our business.”


Achieving Success 

The combined efforts of all the partners also helped the client mentioned above with their transition when they were acquired by another company. With Ingram Micro Cloud’s global support, Data Canopy was able to talk to teams in Europe in the morning, in the US during the rest of the day, and in Asia at night.

For Barbera, the ultimate mission of Data Canopy is to provide a magical experience working with a tech company similar to how people feel when they go to Disney World.

“We always strive for that and try to make achieving whatever your goals are accessible through the services we provide. It’s all about the experience and the service for our customers.”

The strategy is working very well for Data Canopy; the company experienced a 302% 3-year growth per the 2021 Inc. 5000.

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  • Written by Tina Ellis

  • Published on October 24, 2022

Tina Ellis

Tina Ellis, Cloud Customer Success Manager, Ingram Micro Cloud

Tina has been with Ingram Micro for 13+ years. Tina provides discovery and analysis, coaching, relationship management, as well as her business development skills to build a customer success practice with her partners for sustainable growth and retention.