Demystifying Microsoft Dynamics 365: A Key to DX

Demystifying Microsoft Dynamics 365: A Key to DX

As more businesses seek digital transformation, Ingram Micro Cloud is touting the value proposition of Microsoft Dynamics 365 – Microsoft’s comprehensive business management solution – to partners and end -users alike. By removing the barriers between CRM, ERP, Microsoft Office, and other business systems, Dynamics 365 increases productivity, enhances customer experience, and allows organizations to achieve operational excellence. 

Research firms such as Gartner, Forrester, and Nucleus Research attest to the business value of Microsoft’s all-in-one solution. Nucleus Research found that companies realized an average of $16.97 in returns for every dollar spent on a Dynamics 365 deployment – significantly higher than the averages for stand-alone ERP ($7.23) or CRM ($8.27).   

Dynamics 365 combines elements of CRM and ERP with productivity apps and AI tools. Its application suite, which covers sales and marketing, customer and field service, finance and operations, commerce, and talent management, allows organizations to streamline and optimize their businesses from end to end and features built-in security: 

  • Sales & Marketing: lead generation, personalized customer experiences, and sales funnel visibility 

  • Customer & Field Service: empowered service agents, accelerated problem resolution via automated workflows, and data-based scheduling of preventive maintenance 

  • Finance & Operations: supply-chain management, budget development and monitoring, and financial risk mitigation 

  • Commerce: enhanced CX, optimized store operations, and elevated employee productivity 

  • Talent: employee performance tracking and hiring/retention of skilled staff 

Then there’s Microsoft’s Power Platform, a set of applications that can be tied together, with other Microsoft and non-Microsoft apps, to amplify the heft of Dynamics 365. The Power Platform has four components: PowerApps, for developing no-code and low-code custom apps from scratch; Power BI, a business analytics tool; Power Automate, for automating processes; and Power Virtual Agents, for creating intelligent virtual bots. 

Although the Dynamics 365 applications are designed to work together, businesses can deploy just one, several, or all of them. Because Dynamics is a complex solution with a lot of moving parts, end users would benefit greatly from turning to a trusted advisor to implement it effectively. 

Partners can provide business customers with a bevy of high-value services around their Dynamics 365 deployments, assessing needs and goals, selecting apps that provide the greatest benefits, explaining Dynamics pricing and licensing, customizing and integrating Dynamics apps with existing business software and systems, training users on the software, and ensuring a smooth, secure implementation. 

Recognizing the complexity that partners themselves face in building a Dynamics 365 practice, Ingram Micro Cloud offers the Dynamics Accelerate program, which caters to solution providers no matter where they stand in their “cloud awesomeness” journey. Ingram Micro Cloud provides access to deeper promotions as partners progress through the program’s four pillars: Build, Breadth, Depth, and Scale.  

Dynamics Accelerate partners get business development and marketing resources, including pre-sales collateral, sales playbooks, and digital campaign kits; lead-generation tools such as Microsoft’s Cloud Ascent; discounts and preferential pricing; access to training and certifications; cloud services and tools; and around-the-clock support from Ingram Micro Cloud. 

Partners who want to jump-start, build on, or fine-tune their Dynamics 365 businesses can register for Accelerate through an Ingram Micro Cloud representative, take advantage of the distributor’s plentiful enablement resources, and accelerate their cloud and Dynamics journey via its ongoing support, pre- and post-sales services, and Global Center of Excellence. 

According to Ingram Micro Cloud, partners who sign up for Dynamics Accelerate fare better than peers who don’t, with double the growth and two times more new customers. The average churn rate for partners who deploy Dynamics 365 is 25% less than it is for partners who don’t. What’s more, Ingram Micro Cloud boasts the fastest-growing Dynamics 365 business of any indirect provider worldwide. 

For today’s organizations, becoming more efficient and agile isn’t an option; it’s a necessity. With the help of partners – and Ingram Micro Cloud’s team of Microsoft experts – end users can leverage Dynamics 365 to achieve that efficiency and agility, and to make their digital transformation efforts a success.  

To learn more about Microsoft Dynamics 365 for your business, or how to get started in the Dynamics Accelerate program, visit:

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  • Written by Mathew Batterbee

  • Published on June 03, 2022

Mathew Batterbee

Mathew Batterbee, , Ingram Micro Cloud

Mathew joins us with a wealth of knowledge from Ingram Micro Cloud, as well as his previous employer Microsoft. Mathew has a lot of channel experience and knowledge to enable partners to access more resources, tools, collateral, programs and so much more to enable them to grow their business. Mathew has supported partners in the early stages of their business right through to becoming gold partners adding customers at a fast rate, and this is what he’s bringing to this session.