CloudBlue PSA and NinjaOne Partnership Seamless Integration Done Right

CloudBlue PSA and NinjaOne Partnership  Seamless Integration Done Right

CloudBlue PSA has partnered with NinjaOne to integrate NinjaOne’s IT asset data and proactive device alerting capabilities into the CloudBlue PSA platform. This partnership dramatically improves IT engineers’ ability to proactively identify and remediate IT issues from a single pane of glass. 

The Benefits of the Partnership  

This partnership makes it easier for CloudBlue PSA and NinjaOne users to manage IT centrally. The NinjaOne integration gives CloudBlue PSA users unprecedented visibility and control over their IT estate, which is managed directly in CloudBlue PSA.

A notable feature of NinjaOne’s integration with CloudBlue PSA is that engineers can view alerts from NinjaOne as tickets. Engineers won’t have to log into two different systems to do their work. The asset information from NinjaOne can be viewed in CloudBlue PSA and attached to the tickets. These capabilities allow CloudBlue PSA engineers to solve issues more efficiently so NinjaOne users can continue growing their business. 

A link that connects the asset in NinjaOne from CloudBlue PSA allows engineers (with a single click) to access the device for remote support.

If you’re interested in partnering up with CloudBlue PSA, please contact us at

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  • Category Company & Partnership News

  • Written by David Furst

  • Published on February 13, 2023

David Furst

David Furst, Product Manager, CloudBlue PSA

David spent almost ten years working with PSA and quoting tools. He has experience working as an implementation and business consultant for hundreds of technology service providers that have two to several hundred employees. He has spent time helping partners build out help desk, sales, finance and project management processes.

David joined CloudBlue PSA in 2021 and spent a brief time on the Implementation Team before moving into product management. As a Product Manager, he is responsible for the CloudBlue PSA roadmap and vendor alliances.