Pickit is an independent software vendor with offices in Sweden and Seattle. The company is on a mission to end “death by PowerPoint” and bring people’s work to life. Its 2-in-1 image service helps users create impactful presentations with images that are good for both the presenter and the provider.

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Visby, Sweden

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As a small ISV with an app that acts as an add-on to Microsoft Office 365, Pickit needed to use its limited resources to reach a global audience of end customers who use Microsoft Office 365.


Partnering with Ingram Micro Cloud helped Pickit connect with the largest ecosystem of resellers selling Office 365.


  • Launched the full version of its software in 16 countries
  • Connected with resellers who know—and can sell—to Microsoft Office 365 end customers
  • Received assistance with its go-to-market strategy
  • Gained exposure to the world’s largest service providers through the CloudBlue ecosystem

“We’ve seen a lot of resellers actually coming up with ideas around our services. So, we look at this as not only a distribution channel; it’s also a way of creating customer happiness.”

Mathias Bjorkholm, Pickit

Mathias Bjorkholm

  • Co-CEO & Co-Founder