intlx Solutions has a mission to provide the highest level of value-added business technology solutions and consulting services. By focusing on the technical details and engineering involved in the solutions, we deliver exceptional technical support and consulting to solve real business problems.

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intlx Solutions’ old CRM platform created “scattered” processes, taking two or three days to manually turn around purchase orders and created service level agreements that did not allow the metrics tracking needed to maintain service level agreements with customers. It was cumbersome to get any useful reports from the system.


After implementing CloudBlue PSA, the team immediately noticed the shift in efficiency. Processing orders went from days to instantaneous and we were able to migrate and merge multiple datasets as a result of a recent acquisition. 


  • Save on time and human talent
  • Merge datasets with no disruption
  • Automate day to day business processes



With the CloudBlue PSA implementation, intlx Solutions was able to:

  • Be up and running within one month
  • Transition employees with no work interruption
  • Create instantaneous ordering times
  • Merge multiple datasets
intlx Solutions Case Study

“Our partnership with CloudBlue has been one of the best we’ve had over the years of working with many organizations and manufacturers.” Stephen Robitaille, Director of Sales Operations, intlx Solutions"

Stephen Robitaille

Stephen Robitaille

  • Director of Sales Operations, intlx Solutions