Keystone Technologies has a long history of innovation. Along with academic and business partners, Keystone has developed a suite of solutions to improve quality of life, quality of care and access to data for patients and their care teams. By connecting problem solvers and innovators, Ingram Micro will give you more of what you need to build and accelerate your business.

Serving the healthcare industry since 2001, Keystone Technologies has partnered with Ingram Micro Cloud to deliver cloud services. With a well-developed cloud hosting practice on AWS, along with integration and conversion services of EMR data, they are anticipating massive growth in the next several years through their partnership with Ingram Micro.


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Their customer, the Orthopedic Institute of Western Kentucky, the region’s premier source and largest provider of comprehensive musculoskeletal services, needed to replace their aging on-premise infrastructure at all four of their practice locations and were concerned about the large capital outlay required to replace that infrastructure. This infrastructure was becoming increasingly unreliable and more expensive to maintain. In addition, due to the under-performing physical hardware their EMR instance was sluggish and the time to move between modules of the NextGen application was impacting patient care. Ultimately, they were looking for a cloud-based solution for their EMR, as well as a “cloud-ready” network architecture necessary to access it. The infrastructure was becoming increasingly unreliable and more expensive to maintain.


Keystone leveraged Ingram Micro Cloud’s Healthcare Partner Pathway, which is dedicated to connecting healthcare-focused ISVs, MSPs, SIs, VARs, and best-in-class solutions in the healthcare market. By delivering healthcare data, migration and hosting through this Healthcare Partner Pathway program, Keystone was able to recommend and design a cloud-based solution to solve the customer’s challenges and eliminate the large capital outlay needed to replace the physical hardware.


As a result, Orthopedic Institute’s NextGen EMR to AWS experienced a 50% general increase in speed of application responsiveness – field to field and screen to screen. There was also a huge performance improvement in moving between modules of the NexGen application compared to the past and printing large Rev Cycle reports that used to take hours, reducing it to minutes. Overall, Ingram Micro and the partner was able to enhance the customer’s patient care experience by vastly improving performance, reliability and security, while getting their technology spend back under control.


“We view success in all engagements through the lens of the patient. If our work doesn’t serve to improve patient care, then we have failed. With AWS, risk of failure is almost completely mitigated. AWS gives us the technology building blocks to allow us to architect fully redundant EMR cloud solutions which could previously only be afforded by large IDNs.”

Eric Humes

Eric Humes

  • CEO Keystone Technologies