Adesys was founded in 1997 with the goal of building a reputable IT consulting company targeting small and medium-sized businesses. Since then, the company has used the power of technology to handle the IT needs of their growing customer base, which includes managed services, hardware and software procurement, data backups, Microsoft 365 subscriptions, installations, and support.

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Fitchburg, Wisconsin

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After 25 years in business, Adesys had collected plenty of data points on their business. While their initial analysis gave them a strong foundation to build on, Adesys wanted to make a commitment to understand their customer base even further and provide the support their customers required.

Add in the additional variable of a new working landscape due to the global pandemic—i.e., the move to remote work—Adesys also had the new challenge of ensuring that their customers were working under secure conditions and successfully migrating to the cloud. 


Adesys joined the ULTRA membership program and were immediately partnered with an Ingram Customer Success Manager who dove straight into their data. With the help of behavioral AI and ML-driven predictive models, Adesys received deep insights to make educated decisions and refine its go-to-market strategy. Through this consultative relationship, Adesys now has the tools and expert support to provide their customers with the best experience.


  • Significantly increased customer retention and now has a close pulse on end customers
  • Refined their security practice
  • Acquired a deep understanding of key data metrics around business performance and revenue
  • Gained the ability to adapt to new challenges around cloud migration
  • Increased profitability from existing customers
How ULTRA Brought Real-Time Insights to Adesys’ Data-Driven World

“We live in a data-driven world and anywhere that data can be provided to us without us having to go in and decipher everything, that's where ULTRA’s value lies. It’s real-time, it’s valuable, and it’s insightful. It speaks for itself.”

Kevin Arkin, Account Manager, Adesys

Kevin Arkin, Account Manager, Adesys

  • Account Manager, Adesys