Grow Beyond
the Ordinary

An Ingram Micro Cloud Program

Welcome to ULTRA

Ingram Micro Cloud created the ULTRA Program to help partners grow beyond the ordinary - grow partners faster than the market average and double their customer base faster than their peers.

How do partners become ULTRA successful?

Personalized Data
Access to numerous support services designed to ensure you have the resources needed to succeed.
Certified Expertise
The most successful resellers don’t just rely on vendor experts - they hire experts & consultants to help them advance their business and their teams.
Incentive Programs
The best performing resellers don’t just act on vendor driven programs - they engage in a range of custom certification and incentive programs to grow faster.
Technology Automation
The most successful resellers use technology to continuously become more efficient, strategic, and profitable – without just throwing more bodies into the mix.

ULTRA Enablers

We’ve talked to our peers and partners and know what it takes to be ULTRA successful.

When you join Ingram Micro Cloud’s ULTRA, you’ll receive a structured membership program to give you the right insights, automation, the know-how, and exclusive offers to grow and retain customers.

ULTRA Insights
  • Retention reports
  • Whitespace analysis
  • ​Skill & certification benchmarks​
ULTRA Know-how
  • Demand generation
  • Customer success
  • Expert support
ULTRA Automation
  • CloudBlue PSA
  • Advanced Integrations
ULTRA Exclusives
  • Special incentives
  • Practice development
  • ​​Certification vouchers

We’re here to give you the secret sauce on success with ULTRA

As an ULTRA member—you’ll receive enablers that are out of the ordinary.

Members will regularly receive Insights that are specific to their business. In fact, the data is about YOUR business. But it doesn’t end there! This data will also be compared against your peer group, so you’ll learn how you’re performing relative to your peers.

The Customer Retention Report allows you to see how you are retaining your end customers, your net dollar retention, and gross retention with your cloud business.

Whitespace Analysis. Concrete opportunities in your customer base, not just the generic “Hey, sell this.” information.

Skillset. Your team’s skillset relative to the benchmark of your peers, including recommendations on what to do.

As an ULTRA Member, we’ll give you access to a wide range of Experts and Know- How Leaders across various topics. There’s a difference between simple knowledge sharing and what is included with ULTRA.

Demand Generation Experts. We’re focused on helping you go to market with ROI. We understand not everyone has marketing teams. So, this program is dedicated to teaching you how to market like the biggest partners, in a smart way.

Customer Success Consultants. Whether increasing profitability from existing customers or balancing your book of business, and incentive models, ULTRA will help you understand why customer success is critical in a cloud world and how you can establish a practice, step by step.

Expert Support. When a problem occurs, you don’t just benefit from our already great Modern Support team. You will always be engaged by the most expert member of the team.

Growing fast does not come without growing pains. Simply throwing more people at the problem does not solve the issue. You want your people to grow or retain your business, so you need to automate for efficiency.

CloudBlue PSA. As an ULTRA Member, all Cloud Marketplace extensions are included free of charge. As an example, CloudBlue PSA, an extension that helps you manage and reconcile cloud projects and managed services, is included.

Advanced Integration. Are you already using external systems like ConnectWise, Autotask, Quickbooks, etc? Members will have access to the Ingram Micro Cloud advanced integrations team to make sure your favorite apps are integrated into your cloud marketplace instance.

With ULTRA, we target partners who are extremely committed to the growth of their cloud business. I In turn, we want to commit to your success and growth.

Special Incentives. Members will be able to receive special rebates, accelerators, and vendor programs for ULTRA Members only.

Practice Development. We provide members with specific workshops and services to build out deep expertise in a solution area like IaaS, Cyber Security, or UCaaS.

Certification Vouchers. Members will regularly be provided with free vouchers for vendor certifications to ensure that your team can keep on skilling up.

Are you interested in becoming ULTRA successful?