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Helping you leverage new opportunities in cyber security.

Improve Your Customer’s Cyber Security Based on Facts!

Cyberattacks are costly, disruptive, and vulnerabilities are all too common for most organizations. Your customers are facing new market demands, regulatory requirements and internal imperatives around cyber security.

The Cyber Security Assessment Tool (CSAT) helps you quickly assess your customers’ cyber security status and helps you create a fact-based action plan to improve it aligned to the industry-recognized CIS Framework.

What’s in it for You?

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Use CSAT as a sales tool to showcase your customer’s security score and vulnerabilities, leading to increased sales opportunities. Position yourself as a trusted security advisor and highlight the need for security improvement.

Ingram Micro Cloud Center of Excellence team can quickly deliver security assessments to your customers, and also provide training for you to conduct assessments independently.

Provides fact-based evidence and third-party advice in Cyber Security Assessments

Creates opportunities to upsell or/and deploy licenses, products and services

Adds value to security portfolio, Cloud Migration and Managed Services

Increases engagement intensity with periodical scanning and reporting

Builds strong relationships and trust with customers

Saves time by providing automated investigations, reports and recommendations

How it Works

CSAT is a tool that assesses security vulnerabilities and collects data from the customer’s IT on-premises and cloud infrastructure. The data is collected via a “dissolvable agent” leaving no trace of a CSAT related footprint on the endpoints.

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Book an Introduction Call

Spend 30-minutes with our Ingram Micro Center of Excellence team to learn more about CSAT and the approach in offering this to your customer.

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Identify and Prepare Your Customer

Once a customer is defined, step on a 30-minute preparation call to align date of delivery and discuss installation requirements.

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Execute the CSAT QuickScan

Our Center of Excellence team will perform the assessment activities: install, interview, analyze, report, and present our findings.

*Ingram Micro Cloud will not save or store any partner and/or customer data. After the assessment is complete, all data will reside with the partner and/or customer.

Your Customer's Security, Our Expertise

Ingram Micro Cloud can support you with the delivery of your first assessment at no cost.
Speak with us and learn how the Cyber Security Assessment Tool (CSAT) can open new conversations with your customers – start with a free assessment today!

Discover all that CSAT has to offer

Our FREE infographic provides a quick and easy-to-understand overview of the benefits of a CSAT, making it an excellent conversation starter for businesses of all sizes and industries.

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