WyldLynx was originally established to provide content services for small to large organisations, and has quickly gained a reputation for being an innovative and service driven organisation with great people. Many small to large information management solutions have now been delivered by WyldLynx to a range of Queensland government organisations and councils, with many of the products coming from the MicroFocus Secure Content Management suite. WyldLynx will never rest on its laurels, however, and is always on the cutting edge with new technology and process innovations that can deliver better business solutions for our customers.


WyldLynx DocuSign for Content Manager

This quality plugin brings the power of the DocuSign eSignature platform to the leading eDRMS Content Manager from Micro Focus, adding the vital signed approval step to the document life cycle. Offering organisations an amazing 'final step' to easily and efficiently get documents signed off by customers, internal stakeholders (and much more!), starting and finishing the process all from within the Content Manager interface!

The WyldLynx DocuSign for Content Manager integration allows users to send document/s from Content Manager (TRIM) to DocuSign and once complete, signed documents get automatically saved back to Content Manager without user input. The certificate of completion from DocuSign can also be saved as a rendition to the document/s.



The WyldLynx DocuSign for Content Manager integration allows organisations to save files from other applications into Content Manager. Document don’t have to start in Content Manager they can start in any other application and be configured to be saved into Content Manager for additional governance and retention and disposal.



The WyldLynx DocuSign for Content Manager integration can also be included in any internal process an organisation has configured within Content Manager such as to do, action tracking or workflows.



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