Why it Pays to have LastPass in your Portfolio

Why it Pays to have LastPass in your Portfolio

Time-poor people continue to use simple credentials (like password123) across multiple platforms and keep them stored on scrap pieces of paper or unsecure spreadsheets. With the average person needing to recall over 100 separate logins, it’s no surprise that many choose the path of least resistance.

However, reusing simple passwords could have a detrimental impact not only on the account owner but anyone associated with them as criminals move laterally across a network; it only takes an open window to let a criminal ransack an entire home. A successful cyberattack could suspend operations for hours or days and result in lost customers, poor reputation, legal fees, lost revenue, and other long-term damage to the business.


Make an impact with LastPass

It’s almost impossible to reduce the number of passwords your clients have to store, especially as the range of online enterprise applications we use grows year-on-year. However, you can make password management painless with LastPass.

LastPass provides MSPs with a tailored solution that offers visibility and control over every access point of their clients’ businesses via a unified admin console. Over 47,000 organisations, from leading tech brands like MailChimp to Fortune 500 companies, rely on LastPass to meet their password security needs.

LastPass Enterprise features integrated single sign-on and password management so that MSPs can securely protect their clients credentials and manage access to applications, all while driving new revenue streams for their business. LastPass also works seamlessly within the Microsoft suite and is fully compatible with Microsoft Authenticator for multi-factor authentication (MFA), adding an extra layer of security to your password management.


Partner with a proven leader

At Ingram Micro we do more than just sell product. We provide the best selection of programmes, support, and value-added services in the industry, which is why we only work with best-in-breed vendors like LogMeIn and their LastPass offering.

As our partner you will gain access to a range of exclusive services to help make the LastPass onboarding experience as seamless as possible, including:

  • FREE Access to a dedicated Account Manager
  • Access to IM Marketing Agency for bespoke Partner campaigns
  • Access to Financing opportunities to free up your cashflow via IMFS
  • FREE Proof of Concept (POC) Support
  • FREE Installation and implementation support
  • FREE Partner sales training
  • FREE Partner Technical training and certification
  • FREE Pre-sales support
  • Access to Partner Sales collateral development
  • Access to 'off the shelf' marketing campaigns


For more information or to add LastPass to your portfolio, visit the Cloud Marketplace.

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  • Published on May 21, 2021


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