Update on Native Integrations with Cloud Marketplace

Update on native integrations with Cloud Marketplace

At Ingram Micro Cloud, our goal is to ensure a seamless experience between Cloud Marketplace and the tools our partners already use by reducing the “friction” associated with managing multiple platforms. With our native, out-of-the-box integrations, you can manually configure these systems in a few steps to connect to, and synchronize with, the Cloud Marketplace at no additional cost. Today, we offer native integrations with systems such as ConnectWise, Autotask, and QuickBooks Online (which will be available in May). For brief descriptions of each system, read our previous article on platform integrations here.

Some of the key features we added to these integrations since they first became available include:

  • Synchronization and propagation of discounted prices
  • Automatic synchronization of tasks to be set once per day or every 5 minutes
  • Enhanced user experience with product mapping and workflow
  • Calculation of prorated orders in the “Prorated Transactions” section in Autotask
  • Existing Contract Services included in Sales Orders in Autotask
  • Improved descriptions and dates of prorated items in ConnectWise
  • Unique mapping of Microsoft NCE products that share the same MPN to allow for easier distinguishment of commitment and billing plans

Integrations that Work

Why are native integrations essential to your success? We know for a fact that manual processes take time. Billing reconciliation, for example, can be a laborious process requiring downloading of reports, reviewing each line item for accuracy, adjusting end-customer pricing and potentially uploading data to another platform or invoicing tool. With native integrations, once you complete the initial setup and synchronizations, future changes to subscriptions are automatically updated, discrepancies in end-customer costs and invoices are mitigated, and ultimately you receive more time back to grow your business. Our partners are discovering the automation value of integrations and the latest features. In fact, orders processed through Cloud Marketplace linked with Autotask or ConnectWise increased 151% in the first quarter of 2022 from January to March.

More Updates in 2022

To continue supporting the flexibility of buying, building and provisioning the most popular products within your own systems, we are working hard to release more features for integrations with the Cloud Marketplace, such as:

  • Access and synchronization of data for QuickBooks Online
  • Cancellation of orders in Autotask
  • Improved proration in ConnectWise
  • Self-service reporting and audit logs
  • Additional Microsoft NCE enhancements

Our engineering teams are also integrating other tools, including Syncro, Xero, Kaseya* and TigerPaw with our platform.

All of us at Ingram Micro are focused on helping our partners scale their businesses and increase efficiency. We are listening to your feedback, and understand where the pain points are, such as billing reconciliation and data transfer. Our success is only a reflection of the success of our partners – that’s why we are striving to automate all these processes. Whether you are on the Cloud Marketplace to process transactions, manage renewals, or take care of billing, you will want to take advantage of the features and integrations that will be released in the coming months.

When we say even more, we mean it – we do more integrations so our partners can automate and sell more. If you are ready to join the 650+ partners who took advantage of automation options last quarter, talk to an integrations specialist to get started!

Going to Cloud Summit 2022 in Miami, Florida in May? Sign up for our break-out session, “Grow with Easy Platform Integrations” for an overview of integrations, as well as our hands-on labs, “Build with More Visibility and Control with Comprehensive Integrations” and “Integrating with Marketplace API via the Cloud Marketplace Interface.”


*DATTO announced in April that it was to be acquired by Kaseya in the second half of 2022. DATTO provides the PSA tool, Autotask.

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  • Written by James Jahnke

  • Published on April 28, 2022

James Jahnke

James Jahnke, Platform Success Manager, Ingram Micro Cloud

James has been with Ingram Micro for almost four years. He is an integral part of the Platform Success Team, responsible for working closely with partners to ensure they are using the Cloud Marketplace to its full potential while gathering their feedback to improve their experience with—and incorporate features to—our innovative platform.