Transforming Education in the Cloud with Ingram Micro Cloud Public Sector & AWS End User Computing

Transforming Education in the Cloud  with Ingram Micro Cloud Public Sector & AWS End User Computing

The journey into the cloud for many education institutions may have started from the pandemic, but it is certainly not the only reason, nor is it the underpinning of the future of academia. While the entry into creating a solid foundation for success in remote environments in the education world has had obstacles, the AWS cloud eases the most pressing challenges for higher education including security, scalability, and cost savings.

Ingram Micro Cloud has made it easier than ever for our partners to break into the public sector space with a robust foundation of our Cloud 1st partner initiatives, complete support and guidance based on best practices, and ongoing trainings and knowledge in account management, security, governance, and implementation found on our Learning Hub. .  Ingram Micro Cloud can support even the smallest of institutions with complete infrastructure to support smaller educational infrastructure needs, as well as an entire environment of multiple education institutions, universities, businesses, and the like. This is made possible through offering infrastructure solutions such as AWS’s, who helps higher education institutions around the world improve security, save costs, analyze data, and provide equitable access to teaching and learning resources.

Why Education Institutions Need Robust Cloud Solutions

Outside of the obvious answer of needing to support remote and hybrid learning environments, the cloud offers far more than just an offsite management for users to be engaged from afar. It bridges all of an institution’s departmental needs into one, cozy home that communicates soundly across platforms. Partners offering full merchant services to end users can manage multiple cloud environments from one, centralized location and offer a recurring revenue model of support without the hassle of maintaining expensive servers and equipment.

Education institutions are already experiencing the next wave of digital transformation as they upgrade their initial launch into the cloud to create more secure and reliable environments to support the next step in their cloud journey. As more and more education institutions grow and expand their remote and hybrid learning environments, the need to have more robust cloud support increases. This includes supporting multiple applications for different learning courses, large communication platforms, secure email and databases, and strong controls to ensure their entire environment is protected.

With more users comes more security needs. Additionally, these systems will need to support multiple software with different functionalities across the board while all being tied into one complete environment. With Ingram Micro Cloud and AWS, the support for such things is available in spades.

AWS End User Computing

AWS End User Computing (EUC) services provides the flexibility and ability for partners to respond to the ever-changing needs of education institutions by providing the ability to scale up or down with convenience and without the hassle of changing the infrastructure, provisioning remote desktops in minutes from one central hub, and supporting shared document collaboration from anywhere on any device. It even provides a central management virtual application streaming system to support secure delivery of desktop application management to any computer in the environment and a secure mobile intranet access solution for all users.

Ingram Micro Cloud Public Sector has taken the initiative to help partners with easy access to AWS EUC, as well as a full support system to help every step along the way. The Public Sector Cloud 1st Partner Initiative was created to help partners ease into the public sector with full support in the form of ongoing education, access to exclusive trainings, SMEs, and dedicated customer service. Take the leap into public sector with confidence, knowing that Ingram Micro Cloud is here to help.

Want to learn more? Join us for an informative discussion while we highlight how Ingram Micro Cloud Public Sector, an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner can help accelerate growth in the educational space. AWS Sales Engineer, Megan McElroy and Sr. Public Sector Specialist at Ingram Micro Cloud, Lisa Varela-Schutes will share their years of knowledge and expertise in how to help higher institutions build the models and methods to meet the needs of learners and institutions’ mission.

Title: 5 Ways Higher Education Institutions Get Started Transforming with The Cloud

Date: Thursday, September 30, 2021

Time: 01:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time

Duration: 1 hour


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