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In New Zealand, as in much of the world, moving to the cloud has become essential. A cost-effective means of levelling the playing field for small firms seeking the latest technology, the cloud also offers an unprecedented opportunity to achieve economies of scale while ensuring resilience and flexibility of services. As a result, 7 in 10 global IT leaders believe cloud migration has to be a priority when future-proofing digital infrastructure. 

Still, challenges remain for Kiwi businesses looking to capitalise on decentralisation and transformation. A severe digital skills shortage across New Zealand, for example, makes resourcing any IT project difficult. So, rather than delaying projects, organisations are increasingly relying on the channel network behind them to deliver on outcomes. 

It’s this need that Ingram Micro Cloud New Zealand expertly fills, offering programs, resources and specialty teams to best support Kiwi partners. Let’s dive deeper into partner support in the land of the long white “cloud.”


Today Is Crunch Time for NZ Business

First accelerated by the pandemic, the cloud is now taking the world by storm.

According to Gartner, spending on cloud services will reach almost $3 billion in 2022, a 26% increase from the previous year. Within that, Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) are the fastest-growing segments, as businesses look to store, manage, and network applications from simple web apps to enterprise applications on the cloud.

Additionally, New Zealand’s government has adopted a cloud-first approach to remove the barriers to innovation and digital transformation in the public and private sectors. Its goal is to enable a modern and agile public service, supporting business continuity and investment in a digital economy, and thereby providing vast and unique opportunities for businesses.

However, the country’s digital transformation has been affected by a shortage of digital skills in New Zealand. In fact, 96% of employers in the NZ tech sector expect their 2023 operations to be impacted by this skills shortage. For this reason, it’s essential for our partners to find new ways to streamline operations and continue expanding in this fertile market—and this is where Ingram Micro Cloud can help. 


How Ingram Micro Cloud NZ Stands Out from the Pack 

Ingram Micro Cloud has a range of programs, resources and specialty teams available to its New Zealand partners. For example, we offer a dedicated Amazon Web Services (AWS) team to help partners build out their cloud practice with access to AWS sales and technical enablement, including certifications. How does this help resellers? One example alone is the fact that they can gain access to Ingram Micro’s “Reserved Instance” program, providing partners with profit opportunities while optimising AWS investments for end users.

Channel partners have access to our IaaS Centre of Excellence, offering an end-to-end portfolio of IaaS services when engaging with customers. The Ingram Micro Cloud IaaS Centre of Excellence is also an accredited Azure Expert Managed Service Provider (MSP), the first “solutions and services aggregator” to achieve these credentials and provide this level of expertise in partner support. 

The company has invested in New Zealand-based Microsoft Azure resources that provide seamless support for every project. To assist partners, we offer free Microsoft Azure assessments of migration workloads to move to the cloud. This is intended to facilitate initial engagement, which can then lead to deeper understanding, learning and transformation of a project. And Ingram Micro Cloud’s Modern Support team compiles local staff who specialise in support for Software as a Service (SaaS) and IaaS.


The Benefits of Partnering with Ingram Micro Cloud New Zealand

A partnership with Ingram Micro Cloud New Zealand will undoubtedly bring huge benefits to any business. Our highly scalable cloud marketplace facilitates transactions within minutes and is fully automated with free Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to connect partner systems. In addition, our white-label marketplace is an end-to-end commerce platform that our partners can brand and extend to their customers for self-service.

Ingram Micro Cloud New Zealand also ensures that our resell partners can automatically update order information from Cloud Marketplace using ConnectWise integration. The fast connection between ConnectWise and Cloud Marketplace helps our partners to sell more through the channel by allowing easy integration of orders. Critically, Ingram Micro Cloud New Zealand’s in-house talent also has a personal understanding of the local market, partners, and the types of questions they will likely need to answer. Providing partners with timely and relevant support leads to faster turnarounds and better outcomes.

We pride ourselves on successfully expanding the partner ecosystem in both coverage and capability. Ingram Micro Cloud’s successful distribution has been recognised by multiple renowned industry organisations. Our recent acclaim includes:

  • Microsoft New Zealand Channel Development Award 2022 
  • Reseller News Innovation Awards for Distributor Value, Cloud Award 2019 & 2020

Moreover, we know as well as anyone the difficulties of handling scalability and automation. For this reason, we offer leading public cloud solutions such as Microsoft Azure and AWS which uses a global network of secure data centres where users can add to or reduce what they are consuming in line with their current needs. 


What’s Next

Today, cloud success is a high priority in New Zealand, which is why Ingram Micro Cloud’s specialist sales and technical resources support this hyper-growth area. Thanks to Ingram Micro Cloud New Zealand’s strength of presence in the region, partners are vastly more capable of concentrating on their end customers and the success of their business. 

Find out more about Ingram Micro Cloud New Zealand here.

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  • Category Industry Trends & Insights

  • Written by Barbara Kidd

  • Published on September 26, 2022

Barbara Kidd

Barbara Kidd, General Manager, Ingram Micro Cloud Nieuw Zeeland

As General Manager of Ingram Micro Cloud NZ, Barbara leads a team of experts in this fast-moving, high growth part of the business. Celebrating 19yrs with Ingram Micro, Barbara started in product management including several years as Microsoft Product Manager, helping both Microsoft and NZ Partners to grow and succeed in the Cloud. She gained a wealth of knowledge and experience that led to future roles such as Microsoft Business Manager and then Senior Business Manager for Cloud in 2015.