Sentinel Technologies’ Business Grows Exponentially with Cloud Marketplace

Sentinel Technologies’ Business Grows Exponentially with Cloud Marketplace

Catching up with Sentinel Technologies

Jeff Fabin is currently a solutions architect specialist with Sentinel Technologies, a valued Ingram Micro Cloud partner. Although Jeff has been a Microsoft specialist for many years, he was actually one of Ingram Micro’s first Microsoft cloud representatives.

“I watched the Cloud Marketplace develop from a very primitive form to what it is now, and now it's such a great platform!” said Jeff. “The innovations that the company has put into it over the years have been phenomenal and seeing that evolution from Day One to where we are today has just been amazing.”


Growing with Ingram Micro Cloud

Ingram Micro supports their reseller partners by offering a wide selection of products and services. In addition to the ability to find products, some of Jeff’s favorite capabilities of the Cloud Marketplace include the quick updates and order tracking.

“The products that we sell are added on the Cloud Marketplace as quickly as possible, so the catalog keeps expanding from my standpoint. It’s so easy: knowing exactly what I need to find in the marketplace, I just type in a quick search and there it is.”

“Tracking orders in real time has been huge. When we're in a rush to get licenses to a customer, I can purchase licenses and watch as the order is going through its provisioning steps,” Jeff added, “and it's done in 5-10 minutes at the most and customers are happy.”

Sentinel Technologies has also taken advantage of platform integrations and the white-label marketplace option. With several customers purchasing directly through the Cloud Marketplace, Sentinel Technologies has worked on various PSA integrations to integrate into some of their systems.

“Being able to manage renewals and offer more self-service portals for customers is one thing, but the biggest benefit to us is going to be the ease of billing,” said Jeff. “We know because as our business has grown so quickly, the billing aspect has been very, very difficult to manage. The new back-end integration that we're working on will make that process much smoother.”


Partnering for Growth

While the Cloud Marketplace has provided the technology and products to help Sentinel Technologies grow exponentially, one of the key reasons for their success is due to the relationships with, and support of, the Ingram Micro Cloud team.

“Absolutely 100 percent,” said Jeff. “I’ll say 1000 percent! I don’t worry when we have a fire drill and I need something done immediately, I know we’ll get what we need immediately. And then the customer is amazed that we can resolve the issue so quickly.”

“To have an outage fixed right away or get licenses to a new employee or a CEO immediately—this is why customers stay with Sentinel Technologies. Having this partnership has made our growth so much easier and I’m looking forward to seeing our business explode even more.”


Achieving Success

Sentinel Technologies has seen incredible business growth and positive impact on customers by partnering with Ingram Micro; from the start of the partnership in January 2020 to January 2022, monthly recurring revenue (MRR) is up 944%. All of Sentinel Technologies’ cloud sales are run through the Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace, with current year-over-year growth at 117%.


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  • Written by Anahelen Raymundo

  • Published on September 08, 2022


Anahelen Raymundo, Global Product Marketing Manager, Ingram Micro Cloud

Anahelen handles global product marketing for the Cloud Marketplace and its associated features, programs and modules. She is responsible for developing the go-to-market strategy of the innovative features added to our product line and is passionate about helping our cloud channel partners build, grow and scale their cloud business.