Seamless Integrations: Xero and SyncroMSP Software Integrations Now Available on Cloud Marketplace

Seamless Integrations: Xero and SyncroMSP Software Integrations Now Available on Cloud Marketplace

At Ingram Micro Cloud, we continuously strive for a seamless integration experience for our partners. In order to reduce the friction associated with managing multiple platforms, you may recall that we introduced native integrations with AutoTask, ConnectWise and QuickBooks Online in late April. 

We didn’t stop there. 

Our engineering team has continued to push for the smoothest experience possible, integrating additional tools that support your growth. We are pleased to announce that native integrations with SyncroMSP’s accounting and billing features and with Xero are now available on Cloud Marketplace. 


Your Seamless Experience

Our goal is to provide a seamless experience across your local tools with Cloud Marketplace. To achieve this, we aim to integrate the platforms and tools that you use daily, creating the smoothest business experience possible. As a result, one of our top priorities is to make billing easier for our partners.


Increase Business Efficiency

Billing reconciliation and shared data transfer are some of the most challenging pain points that our partners face. By automating the manual processes of ordering, provisioning, tracking, reporting and invoicing, we help streamline these time-consuming processes, allowing you to focus on what truly matters most: growing your business. Whether you, or your end customer, log on to Cloud Marketplace every day, or multiple times a day, to transact, manage renewals, manage billing—your applications can easily “talk” to the Cloud Marketplace without manually exporting/importing data. In addition to the available PSA integration tools, SyncroMSP and Xero now provide a set of the most popular options in accounting software.


The Automation Edge

Optimizing your billing and accounting workflows with native integrations on the Cloud Marketplace ultimately allows you to achieve more streams of revenue for your business. 

In this case, time is money. With the time you save every week, you can take on more clients and manage your growth more effectively. Automation helps reduce human error when it comes to processing invoices, and you can rest easy knowing that data accuracy is guaranteed. A dependable platform is essential to your success. Our Cloud Marketplace offers discoverability and efficiency, providing automation to your business processes. Beyond native integrations, we provide you with the tools and resources that you need to scale your business. 

We have the automation edge: the seamless ability to integrate systems, applications and people in a short period of time. An integration process that could once take a month, can now take a day. It’s simple: adding additional integrations allows our partners to automate and sell more. 

Are you ready to get an edge on the competition? Our integration specialists are here to help when you are ready to get started.

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  • Written by James Jahnke

  • Published on October 11, 2022

James Jahnke

James Jahnke, Platform Success Manager, Ingram Micro Cloud

James has been with Ingram Micro for almost four years. He is an integral part of the Platform Success Team, responsible for working closely with partners to ensure they are using the Cloud Marketplace to its full potential while gathering their feedback to improve their experience with—and incorporate features to—our innovative platform.