Redefining the Modern Support Experience: Our Move to In-House Customer Support

Redefining the Modern Support Experience: Our Move to In-House Customer Support

Laura Nunez has been working at Ingram Micro for 24 years, and yet, her unwavering passion and infectious enthusiasm for helping customers still exudes to this day.

As Ingram Micro Cloud’s Senior Partner Support and Governance Billing Manager, Nunez has the responsibility of ensuring that all Ingram Micro Cloud customers are completely satisfied when it comes to any billing and credit issues.

“In our day-to-day activities, we focus on ensuring high quality of customer experience on our Cloud Marketplace,” Nunez explained. “In my role, I've always thought of the customer first. I do my research, find the right data, analyze that information, and then go back to the customer with an answer.”

Ingram Micro Cloud’s support teams have always led with a customer-first mindset, but it wasn’t until recently when a recent move to in-house customer support transformed the partner experience – that new approach is called Modern Support.

“There’s so much culture out there,” Nunez said. “One of the things that customers wanted was the ability to speak their language. We thought of the customer – making sure a support call is in their time zone, the support agent can assist in their language and is highly informed of that specific country’s rules and policies.”

Like many support challenges, varying time zones and finding localized support might land as the number one roadblock for customers. With support agents that work within your business hours, resellers can now reach a support agent within their own local country and speak with someone who fully understands their policies, and procedures, to strategically deliver the resolution you need, instantly.


The Movement Toward Continuous Growth

Modern Support is consistently leading projects that need considerable customer-experience improvement. Areas, where gaps and decreased performance are detected, are subsequently converted into profitable and customer-focused processes. 

Previously it could take two weeks to onboard a customer in becoming a reseller,” Nunez explained. “Now with new processes we put in place, it takes two business hours to respond to a customer, get them onboarded and go through all that red tape to become a reseller. It was made possible by the Process optimization department that we established within the Billing Modern Experience team, that worked on the reseller onboarding project.”

Nunez continued to explain that their team collaborates with various internal teams like Engineering, Sales, Customer Success, Business Intelligence and Finance, to achieve well-working procedures and a Modern Experience that makes Ingram Micro Cloud go above and beyond as a leading cloud service provider.

In addition to cross-departmental collaboration, the Modern Support team offers knowledge and expertise that transcends beyond a simple answer.

“If someone calls into support and has trouble using a particular subscription, the support team will walk them through that process and help the customer understand it,” Nunez explained.

Whether a customer has questions about their current invoice, is using a subscription for the first time or needs further clarification on their credit line, any agent will have the ability to help address their needs.

Since the move to in-house support, we're improving,” Nunez said. “We are looking at our processes, we're tracking everything, looking at all the results to validate each resolution and tracking each support ticket.”

Modern Support has decreased resolution time by 47% in the first year of transition.

Each support ticket contains up-to-date information that makes support agents worldwide aware of the issue that any customer is facing. That means that even if you have a question outside of your local business hours, a supporting team will be able to step in.


There’s Always Room for Improvement

Our Modern Support team continues to roll out new improvements and advancements with our customers in mind. The latest rollouts include advancements like pop-up windows on our Cloud Marketplace.

The goal of each pop-up is to give our reseller partners additional information on transactions – whether that be informing transacting partners the steps they need to take to cancel a subscription or giving them additional information on complex topics like Microsoft NCE, this small, yet impactful improvement aims to reduce any confusion and give customers full clarity.

“The pop-up windows are a form of communication for our customers,” Nunez explained. “And there are more rollouts similar to this pop-up that are happening...”


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  • Written by Ted Rajanayagam

  • Published on September 07, 2022

Ted Rajanayagam

Ted Rajanayagam, Executive Director, Global Cloud Customer Service, Ingram Micro Cloud

With over 15 years of IT, customer service and telecommunications experience, Ted is focused on delivering a world-class customer service experience through a variety of channels, including call centers and self-service.