Redefining the Modern Support Experience: Our Modern Credit Approach

Redefining the Modern Support Experience: Our Modern Credit Approach

As an MSP reseller, it may come as no surprise that a line of credit always comes with a credit limit. But what if we told you that you no longer have to worry about your credit limit running out? 

Diana Ilonova, a Process Optimization Professional on our Modern Experience team, has strategically been listening to customer feedback and executing new projects that improve the overall customer experience. 

Among the various initiatives that Ilonova oversees, the newly minted Modern Credit Approach might very well be a game-changer as it introduces a fresh perspective on how Ingram Micro Cloud proactively handles credit limits for resellers.

“Working for a global company, with many different people across the world, on various levels of our organization, we all feel very motivated to drive transformations and optimizations,” Ilonova said. “Our goal is to have positive results on our customers, their experience and their business results.”

What is the Modern Credit Approach?
The Modern Credit Approach was initiated to address a simple, yet mighty challenge: how can we increase the credit limit for our resellers before it runs out?

Many resellers do not monitor their credit exposure, and in turn, do not initiate proactive requests for credit limit increases. In fact, many resellers run out of their limit without even suspecting it. It isn’t until end customers’ orders are halted that the reseller realizes what’s happening.

“In order for a reseller to provision an order when there is not enough credit on the account, they had contact support in the past,” Ilonova explained. “Support would then have to contact the credit team and they would then eventually resolve the situation. To deal with this, we initiated the Modern Credit Approach project where we implemented a sophisticated way of filtering eligible accounts proactively.” 

With the introduction of the Modern Credit Approach, back-end automation seamlessly filters and highlights accounts that are eligible for a credit limit increase. Responsible teams then review the account and increase the credit limit based on eligibility – as a result, both the reseller and the customer avoid any processing delays. 

“If resellers are within their net terms, they don't need to pay their invoice in advance,” Ilonova added. “We simply increase their credit limit if they are eligible. This is what this modern credit project solves.”

By introducing Modern Credit, the difference is simple: 

The approach is proactive, not reactive.

Rather than the reseller contacting support, our credit teams receive each support case automatically. Regardless of holidays or late business hours, resellers can still place orders and continue business at their convenience. Resellers can continue making transactions and have the added reassurance that no roadblock will stand in their way. 

“We are ensuring that the eligible resellers have a sufficient credit limit based on their monthly growth rate,” Ilonova said. “That is measured automatically, and it's much less likely that they will fall into a situation where they have to wait.”

Our Modern Support team continues to reaffirm a customer and partner-first mindset, emphasizing their intention on driving customer satisfaction. Not only is customer feedback acknowledged, but action is taken in order to improve the overall experience. 

“Their feedback is being heard,” Ilonova said. “There are changes being done and our team is working together to optimize these processes and determine what other projects we could potentially work on to create a better customer experience.”

Modern Credit, We Are Go For Launch
The Modern Credit Approach was launched in the U.S. and Canada last November and continues to make its way overseas to countries such as Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, France and Spain. 
Stay tuned for further communication when it lands in your country! 

Coming Soon… 
In our next blog, we will uncover the latest rollout features and go into greater depth on how these specific enhancements are improving the customer experience. 

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  • Published on December 01, 2022

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