Our Migration Tool is Helping Partners Transition to Azure NCE

Our Migration Tool is Helping Partners Transition to Azure NCE

Ingram Micro Cloud is hopping on the band wagon…the NCE wagon that is. You may have heard about it; you may have read about it…Microsoft has announced their New Commerce Experience (NCE) across the board for both Azure and seat-based offers. This transformation journey began in 2019 with the Azure NCE announcement aimed at providing a simplified, consistent and flexible experience for both customers and partners. It’s going to change the way we transact. 

So, you may be wondering, what makes this Azure New Commerce Experience so great? This new offer has multiple benefits such as calendar month billing and allows access to tools such as the Azure Cost Management tool and Azure Lighthouse which indirect Partners and Customers haven’t previously been able to leverage. It simplifies the purchasing process by creating an Azure plan (“parent” subscription) and subsequent Azure IDs (“child” subscriptions).

With all these important advantages, transitioning your customers to this new Azure offer may seem daunting and maybe you’re procrastinating a bit. Although the offer allows for a better Customer experience, there may be some effort involved to transition each one of your customers.

There’s an important date coming up too – February 1, 2022. You’ll want to jot this date down in your calendar because it’s the date that Microsoft will retire the margin and incentive opportunities for the legacy Azure offer. Moving forward, partners will only receive incentives and margin for the new Azure plan.

In preparation of the Azure CSP legacy offer end-of-life, using our own IP, we’ve built a best-in-class migration tool to help with this transition to ensure a seamless and easy move.

Subramanyam Vdaygiri, Azure Product Manager at Ingram Micro Cloud points out: “Ingram Micro has developed Azure CSP to Azure NCE migration tools to enable bulk and accurate migration of existing thousands of Azure CSP subscriptions before the February 1, 2022, deadline so that resellers can continue to have existing Azure margins and incentives.” This unique tool is unlike anything else on the market and is unmatched to anything our competition is doing.”    

This tool is beneficial for our Partners because:

  • It has zero impact or disruption to the services and resources.
  • Partners can initiate an automated transition for 1 Azure subscription to be converted in minutes before the February 1, 2022, deadline.
  • IMC will automate the transition in bulk on your behalf without needing to request a manual migration.

We’ve essentially developed an “easy button” for transitioning from Azure CSP legacy to Azure NCE. With our partners always top of mind, we strive to go above and beyond, instilling trust and support. Our Teams work hard so that you don’t have to.

Ingram Micro Cloud never settles for anything but the best and we don’t think you should either. We believe that innovation and ingenuity can set you apart from your competition, allowing for differentiation in the market. When you partner with Ingram Micro Cloud, we’ll work to remove roadblocks and pain points, provide enablement and always guide you the right way, to ensure success for you and your customers.

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  • Written by Megan Romeis

  • Published on January 04, 2022

Megan Romeis

Megan Romeis, IaaS Global Practice Manager, Ingram Micro

Megan manages the IaaS portfolio and strategy, GTM enablement and vendor relations at Ingram Micro. As part of the Global Portfolio Management Team, her focus is on developing and building out the Ingram Micro’s global IaaS and PaaS strategy.