Native Integration of QuickBooks Online with Cloud Marketplace is Now Available

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Native Integration of QuickBooks Online with Cloud Marketplace is Now Available


QuickBooks Online is an Accounting and Financial Reporting system that allows you to create, manage, track and send invoices in minutes, from anywhere and on any device. Online invoicing is ideal for those who want to automate billing and invoicing, create and send invoices from the Internet (e.g., no printer or paper needed) and manage recurring billing for a number of customers and their subscriptions.


Partner Benefits

As an Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace reseller partner, you can now streamline the invoicing process. Online invoicing can help you save time, reduce errors, prepare invoices quickly, and track payments and expenses easily. You can also provide your end-customers with proration and flexible payment options, as well as up-to-date and consolidated invoices. By automating recurring billing and invoicing workflows you will be able to allocate resources to growing your business.


What You Can Do

If you have a QuickBooks Online account, simply log on to the Cloud Marketplace, go to Marketplace Apps and then click on “QuickBooks Integration.” Click the “Install” button on the pop-up window and select your QuickBooks Online account and sign in. Although there is no confirmation prompt, a green checkmark will display next to the “QuickBooks Integration” section, showing your account is connected.

With the QuickBooks Online integration, order details—such as usage-based subscriptions, are now synchronized between Cloud Marketplace and QuickBooks Online, allowing for the following use cases:

  • Place an order for new subscriptions in Cloud Marketplace
  • Add, subtract or change existing orders/subscriptions (upsize or downsize seats/usage)
  • Create invoices directly from Cloud Marketplace
  • Map customers and import customers to Cloud Marketplace (customers must be created in QuickBooks Online first)
  • Map products and export products to QuickBooks Online


Our goal with platform integrations is to simplify our reseller partners’ administrative processes through automation. With QuickBooks Online integration, not only are you able to reduce the time to prepare invoices, but you also improve the end-customer’s experience. View a short demo here, and then log on to Cloud Marketplace and set up QuickBooks Online Integration in Marketplace Apps.

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  • Written by Christian Jones

  • Published on July 07, 2022

Christian Jones

Christian Jones, Product Manager, Cloud Marketplace, Ingram Micro Cloud

Christian is a part of our Global Marketplace team on the Marketplace Technology side. Previously for 2.5 years he was a member of our Platform Success Team, where he learned in-depth functionality of the Cloud Marketplace helping to educated partners while listening to them and how we can improve their customer experience. Now, still working closely with partners to obtain their feedback he is focused on simplifying the platform choices while developing a strategy and plan to help provide awareness and adoption of the Cloud Marketplace.