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Your clients struggle everyday with protecting their organizations’ users and systems. The value and volume of a company’s data, systems and applications grow constantly. More than 50 percent of companies report being targeted by a cyber-attack at least once a week. These attacks increased since the beginning of the pandemic with 400 percent! Cyber criminals get more creative and innovative every day and try to attack and exploit remote workers to steal their data. This leaves us with the impression that data may be the new gold…

The challenging landscape within IT motivates cyber criminals to create more sophisticated and damaging malware. One of the latest and likely the largest cryptocurrency heists on record is reported by a blockchain project Ronin. They reported that hackers stole cryptocurrency now worth almost 615 million dollars from its systems last March.

Big companies are not the only victims of cyber-attacks. Almost 80 percent of companies worldwide have seen their IT cost increase to keep everything up to date and safe since the pandemic. Still too many companies rely on a frustrating and sometimes illogical patchwork of multiple security solutions.  These creates security gaps because a lot of solutions are integrated at a minimum. This means that your clients are still exposed to the increasing cyber threats that are constantly around us.

To clients' business-critical data, backup is not enough – clients need an integrated approach to cyber protection. Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud represents an all-in-one cyber protection solution that integrates backup and recovery, disaster recovery, malware prevention, security controls, remote assistance, monitoring, and reporting.

Acronis Cyber Cloud now offers core cyber protection functionality at no additional cost. Additional protection is needed. Advanced packs can be added to enable enhanced functionality. This provides more options for customized cyber protection by mixing and matching the packs. Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud and all advanced packs are licensed on both a per-GB and a per-workload model. Below a glimpse of the capabilities of the Acronis Advanced Packs:

Advanced Security
The Advanced Security Pack includes several features like URL filtering (avoid risky websites or content), Antivirus and Anti-Malware protection, Safe Recovery, and Exploit Prevention; this will stop programs from showing unexpected and suspicious behavior which can stop attacks on time.

Advanced Management
The Advanced Management includes an important feature that a lot of your customers need to integrate, to be fully protected in a hybrid working environment: Patch Management, applies updates to programs found vulnerable or outdated.

Advanced Back-up
Offers various Back-up solutions like the Continuous Data Protection. CDP makes a backup when it comes to important data or files and doesn’t wait for the planned back-up which is mostly once a day or once a week. Data Protection Map: scans machines for important files/data that are not part of the security plan.

Advanced Email Security
Offers a lot of different features like anti-spam, anti-malware, anti-phishing, and URL filtering. It also offers Attachment Scans and Impersonation Protection.

Advanced Disaster Recovery
This pack contains different options like Cloud-only recovery but also site-to-site and production and test failover.

We see that the Advanced packs create more service offerings. You as a Service Provider can offer extra protection, fulfill different needs of your clients, and create an extra revenue stream. With a lot of different add-ons and features, your client’s security needs can be fully customized by adding the new Advanced Packs offered by Acronis. Since unexpected downtime costs small businesses an estimated 8600 dollar per hour it is now more important than ever to offer your customers a full package to all their cyber security needs.

Companies that have managed their stack by integrating data protection and cybersecurity however report greater security, lower costs, and are happier with you as their Service provider. By using Acronis protection Advanced Packs, you will decrease risks, avoid downtime, and increase productivity through greater automation and streamlined management. This will save you time and money. Acronis cyber protect makes managing your client’s data easy, efficient, and most important secure.

For more detailed information about the Acronis Advanced Packs and how this can create more stickiness and profit contact our Acronis Expert Fathi Ben Ahmed today via e-mail:



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  • Published on February 04, 2022


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