Modern Support: Providing Faster Credit Approvals

Modern Support: Providing Faster Credit Approvals

In our first blog about our new Modern Support program, we discussed its purpose along with the investments we’re making in your long-term success. The goal of the program is to enhance your  customer experience while providing an even higher level of support for the success of your recurring service business.

In this second blog of our three-part series, we’re focusing on the area of credit. We’ll cover two recent enhancements: 1) streamlined Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace credits, and 2) modernized credit line requests and increases.

Let’s take a look at these improvements, including how they can help you scale your business:  


Enhancing the global credit experience     

After listening closely to our partners, we took steps to accelerate the credit approval process worldwide. A new, streamlined process called the Service Credit Wallet program now empowers our Modern Support agents to streamline routine credit requests, providing faster service and response.

As a result, the time to receive credit approvals for these requests has been reduced from multiple days to just hours, enabling you to accelerate the pace of doing business with Ingram Micro Cloud—and your customers.

In addition, the streamlined process has freed up more time for Ingram Micro Cloud associates to focus on resolving other customer support issues and provide additional ways to improve your customer experience.  


Accelerating tax adjustment credits for U.S. resellers    

Another improvement of our Modern Support program is faster handling of tax adjustments in the United States. Under the new process, if you have an up-to-date Resale Tax Certificate on file, a credit can be granted to you within hours.

This enhancement provides greater efficiency and convenience, allowing you to focus on other priorities to grow your cloud practice.    


Simplifying credit line requests and increases

Our process for handling credit line requests and increases has been fully revamped and optimized. A local credit team handles each request following a modernized approach, reducing the process to hours. Our new procedures help you scale your business by quickly accessing the information and resources you need to accomplish more of your business objectives in less time.


Increasing efficiency and profitability in your business

Our Modern Support program helps your business increase its efficiency with resources so you can do more and earn more—every day. And we have more changes on the way to make your experience as our partner better than ever.   

We’ll share more benefits of the Modern Support program in our next and final blog in this series. In the meantime, if you have any questions, please reach out to your Ingram Micro Cloud representative for assistance.

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  • Category Company & Partnership News

  • Written by Ted Rajanayagam

  • Published on June 30, 2021

Ted Rajanayagam

Ted Rajanayagam, Executive Director, Global Cloud Customer Service, Ingram Micro Cloud

With over 15 years of IT, customer service and telecommunications experience, Ted is focused on delivering a world-class customer service experience through a variety of channels, including call centers and self-service.