Introducing 6 New and Enhanced Features on Cloud Marketplace in August 2020

Introducing 6 New and Enhanced Features on Cloud Marketplace in August 2020

Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace is dedicated to giving you everything your business needs to meet the needs of your customers—and we continue to improve Cloud Marketplace to help you achieve success.

In August 2020, we released multiple, distinct upgrades to the Cloud Marketplace core system, all of which are designed to improve the customer experience. Here are the six new and enhanced features—available for you to use now.

#1: Sell more efficiently with White-Label Marketplace

To give your customers a feeling of familiarity and to foster brand recognition and trust, brand your customer-facing marketplace with the same look and feel as the in-panel Cloud Marketplace you currently use to purchase services and solutions. With the click of a button, you can configure your marketplace and enable marketing tools like banners, promotions and cross-sell features to help you win new business.

In your White-Label Marketplace, customers will see your company’s recognizable branding as they make purchases and complete self-service transactions. In addition, your customers can access powerful search and convenient navigation options. And to make it as easy as possible, you can take an introductory tour right on the White-Label Marketplace setup screen.

#2: Find more opportunities at the point of sale

You and your customers will soon find recommended cross-sell offers in Cloud Marketplace that align with the services being added to your cart. By recommending complementary products for purchase, this new cross-sell feature can increase  recurring revenue by making it easier for you to sell more cloud services at the point of sale.

#3: Close sales sooner with PDF subscription quotes

To provide clarity and transparency for your customers, you can now add services and subscriptions to the cart, then export the file as a PDF quote to share with your customers. You can even select specific columns to display in the PDF. With clearly defined subscription quotes presented, you can gain faster approval for customer purchases.

#4: Sell more quickly and easily with automatic payments

By the time your customers reach the point of checkout, you don’t want to create any difficulty or hesitation that can keep them from buying. That’s why simple processes like adding automatic payment methods are important.

Now, partners can choose a default credit card that automates the payment process. Orders will be automatically paid using this default payment method at the time of the purchase, and outstanding invoices will be automatically charged using the default payment method on the invoice due date—all  to make checkout easier and faster for you and your customers.

#5: Reconcile invoices in seconds with sorted invoices

For more convenient reconciliation, you can sort your customers alphabetically, and group your subscriptions by customer. Invoices in a PDF format can be aggregated by customers first, and then by their subscriptions with detailed information for each of them.

#6: Optimize purchasing, reconciliation and invoicing

You asked for it and we delivered with this enhanced feature: easy integration with ConnectWise Manage. By integrating ConnectWise Manage with Cloud Marketplace, you can automate the synchronization of new and updated orders—and optimize the process of purchasing, reconciliation and invoicing of services. Best of all, you can unify, automate and connect your subscriptions and orders at no additional cost.

Explore a great user experience that’s only getting better

Make plans to attend this upcoming webinar to learn more about how you can start using the White-Label Marketplace and our other five Cloud Marketplace updates. And discover even more ways to operate easily and efficiently, so you can focus on what’s most important: growing your cloud business.

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  • Written by Evgeny Trikhin

  • Published on August 06, 2020

Evgeny Trikhin

Evgeny Trikhin, Product Manager, Ingram Micro Cloud

With more than 10 years of software development experience, Evgeny is responsible for driving the innovation behind the user experience of Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace.