Global Cloud Growth Solutions Series: Modern Cloud Platforms

Global Cloud Growth Solutions Series: Modern Cloud Platforms

We live in digitally accelerated times. The channel is constantly evolving, just as the market is consistently changing. As a result, customer demand is moving with the moment. In our research of more than 600 MSPs, nine out of 10 service providers report they have seen client demand for managed services grow in the past year. At the same time, roughly two in three identify that their organizations need to improve to best adapt to future opportunities. It seems clear, change brings possibility—but only for those ready to seize it.

With an eye to the future, Ingram Micro Cloud is launching Global Cloud Growth Solutions—a new initiative with a deepened focus on today’s fastest-growing and largest-opportunity solutions areas. These include: Modern Cloud Platforms, Seamless Security, Connected Workplace and Business Performance. Together, these pillars and our corresponding solutions, resources and tools form our modernized approach to accelerated growth.

Through this initiative, partners have the ability to achieve sustainable success in each segment with targeted insights and appropriate solutions that best fit their business needs. In this first entry of the solutions series, let’s dive deeper into how we equip partners to succeed in Modern Cloud Platforms and its bounding total addressable market of $426B.


The Market: Modern Cloud Platforms

Modern platform and infrastructure solutions are the framework of business IT success, and they are a requisite for driving profitability and growth. While the Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) opportunity is set to be the fastest-growing category for cloud spending through 2022, the market size of Platform as a Service (PaaS) – which focuses on the platform itself to build new modernized data and app solutions – is projected to reach $319 billion by 2030, registering a CAGR of 21% this decade.

Financial potential is not the only appeal of Modern Cloud Platforms. Partners also see the opportunity to empower the cloud transition of end customers and leverage hyperscaler solutions toward business innovation, future-forward specialization and deep customer relationships.

The problem is that there are many possible pathways to platform and infrastructure innovation. Moreover, wanting to offer IaaS and PaaS is very different from being ready to offer Modern Cloud Platforms.

To embrace the moment, partners must go boldly into the future with innovative infrastructure and platform solutions built for driving profitability. This requires proactive, purpose-built platform expertise to offer app modernization, crucial data management and key business insights.

In response to the growing need for automated and seamless platform integration, Ingram Micro Cloud has developed its modernized approach to accelerated growth with Modern Cloud Platforms and its corresponding solutions, resources and tools to enable partners to build and scale. Here's what partners can gain.


Benefit From Our Service Delivery Capabilities

Building robust, agile infrastructure is the name of the game for partners in this space. For example, app modernization is an integral growth solution for building cloud native and optimized new applications and retiring legacy solutions. Here, container-based services, serverless apps, and microservices make it possible to focus on specific use-cases, test quickly and deploy without disrupting other workflows on the system. Moreover, partners can help to retire expensive legacy infrastructure, reduce costs and gain much-needed agility through automation.

Another major opportunity is data and insights. From assessing a customer’s current database and mapping out the steps of their migration, to quickly realizing the value of the cloud by offering ways to control costs, set up governance and exploit automation, the sky is the limit.

Likewise, providing analytics is vital in helping customers uncover insights. Companies are always looking to extract greater value from their data to build more engaging customer experiences. And, as cloud solutions grow, partners have the unique opportunity to deliver such digital transformation. In this way, customers can apply innovative technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to harness the full power of their data, and partners can continue to increase profit margins and improve the quality of service with hybrid and multi-cloud solutions.

Cloud adoption is an ongoing process, particularly for already established businesses with existing IT and digital networks. Therefore, our partners must be able to identify any gaps in the infrastructure and advise customers on pure cloud solutions that will serve them in the long run. As the IT skills gap continues to worsen, as the pace of digital transformation continues to soar, Ingram Micro Cloud and the technical services provided within the Global Cloud Growth Solutions initiative, aims to support in the design and implementation of these transformative solutions on behalf of partners.


The End Result: Deep Insights

Achieving all of this and more is no small task. That’s why Ingram Micro Cloud is stepping up at this crucial time to help partners build a more successful business in the cloud platform space.

With our approach to Modern Cloud Platforms, partners can create a modern infrastructure adaptable to any business model, identify a plan of action that is robust but adaptable to new trends, and use business intelligence to grow their business. Our intelligent and cost-effective service capabilities additionally include:

  • Cloud Infrastructure Managed Services
  • Cloud Strategy and Advisory Services
  • Application Migration
  • Cost Optimization
  • Application Re-Factoring and Transformation
  • Data Warehousing and Analytics
  • Database Modernization
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML)
  • Development Operations (DevOps)

Constant improvements allow us to continue to offer solutions that maintain growth in today’s competitive marketplace.

Moreover, our best-in-class technology solutions—including AWS and Microsoft Azure—and expert services simplify, speed, and can help grow any PaaS as well as IaaS practice. Ingram Micro Cloud offers the tools, expertise, and support to optimize go-to-market strategies in one place. The result? Partners with deep insight that champion digital transformation while maximizing profitability.

We understand how rapidly the digital environment is changing—and that’s why it is our mission to help our partners to build and scale in the fastest-growing areas of the channel. Look out for our next edition of the Global Cloud Growth Solutions Series which will explore seamless cybersecurity.

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  • Written by Arash Heidari

  • Published on September 15, 2022

Arash Heidari

Arash Heidari, Global IaaS Practice Lead, Ingram Micro Cloud

With nearly ten years of industry experience and over four years working at Ingram Micro, Arash joins the Global Cloud Growth Solutions team as solution area lead for Modern Cloud Platforms. With extensive experience in infrastructure and software sales, Arash brings knowledge, creativity and a results-oriented drive to the global partner initiative.