Getting to Know Public Sector in the Cloud

Getting to Know Public Sector in the Cloud

Public Sector is a buzzworthy topic in the cloud. Due largely in part to lockdown measures and urgency to support a remote work environment across the board, Public Sector, like many other businesses, were awakened to the need to start embracing a digital transformation completely. While the path to get there may not have been the most ideal, the fact remains that digital transformation is now front and center for government agencies, educational and research institutions, nonprofits, and healthcare organizations alike.

Public Sector is unique in that they face challenges with arguably more limited resources than other businesses and agencies in similar industries, and they rely on public funding and compliance standards unlike the rest. Despite that, Public Sector is embracing the new digital high bar in unprecedented ways as more and more venture into hybrid and fully immersed cloud environments, seeking SaaS and IaaS solutions to support their operations.

In fact, Forbes predicts that regardless of a return to work across the nation, remote work will continue to thrive in Public Sector, creating a need for IT departments to keep up on the demand for connectivity to collective systems from anywhere. Providing cloud solutions for our friends in Public Sector is a no brainer, as they require large operational and infrastructure support, and reliably pay their bills on time for the most secure form of recurring revenue you can get.

Providing robust IaaS and SaaS solutions for Public Sector is top of mind, as “Gartner predicts that 95% of new IT investments made by government agencies will be made as a service solution by 2025.” The future is bright with Public Sector as it continues to grow its digital footprint in the cloud. Are you ready to support it?

Ingram Micro Cloud has your back. “Cloud Public Sector Made Easy” is more than just a tagline – it is a promise. Our focus is to drive partner enablement at your pace. Ingram Micro Cloud has partnered with AWS to develop a fully immersed program for our partners to support their Public Sector end customers, and we’re excited to dive into the world of government, healthcare, nonprofit, and education beyond. With trends from Gartner predicting bold investments in cloud, supporting Public Sector’s digital transformation journey feels like a necessity. Positioning ourselves to be ready to handle the need and preparing our partners with invaluable education and opportunities allows us all to be on the cusp of the digital gold rush into cloud by Public Sector.

AWS has been ready for this for a while, creating programs like APN Navigate to assist partners in building successful public sector practices. With the powerful education and partnership of AWS and dedicated (and local) support and SMEs at Ingram Micro Cloud, our partners are well-positioned to find success within Cloud Public Sector.

For more information on how to get started in Public Sector with Ingram Micro Cloud, visit If you happen to be in the D.C. area at the end of September, join us for the AWS Summit – we’ll be there supporting Cloud Public Sector!



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  • Written by Joyce Hofman

  • Published on August 25, 2021

Joyce Hofman

Joyce Hofman, Irvine, California, Ingram Micro Cloud

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