Get up to speed with AWS!

Get up to speed with AWS!

What is Amazon Web Services or what is infrastructure as a service? The whole thing can be quite daunting. Certainly, when you realize that it is the future but that you are completely missing the train. Therefore, you can use this article as your guideline, your first baby step in the ‘oh so’ exciting future that is called infrastructure as a service. You will learn about the what, the why and the how can I start. Because believe me, you will want to know that!



Let us start with the BIG WHAT. What is AWS? To put it rudimentary, AWS is Amazon’s program with which customers can make use of an incredible amount of computer power, data storage facilities and security in the cloud at a cost that is a fraction of what it would be if the customer did it all in-house. Amazon has huge data centers spread over the world in which they have the fanciest IT-infrastructures possible. Customers can tap into these datacenters and make use of that infrastructure at a pay as you go model. For a quick overview of what AWS is, you can have a look at the video below. But if you want to grab the moment and make the most of it, you can contact our team and they can give you all the additional information you need to really understand what AWS can do for you.


AWS offers over 200 services which is the most of any cloud provider. Next to the services that they already have, they are constantly creating new services and improving on the old ones. That is good news for you as a reseller. As their offering is growing, yours is too as a partner of AWS. The role of the reseller is very interesting with AWS. You can simply offer the AWS services to your customers but if you add services and become a managed service partner you can do a lot more and become an unmissable link in the chain.

I always like it better when there is an example to help me understand something new. For AWS there are so many beautiful ones. Are you a fan of Formula 1? Well, that’s great. Have you ever noticed when they show overtaking predictions, pit lane performance, or start analysis that it is provided by AWS? Even the new design of the cars was based on the simulations run on AWS! In a sport where perfection is the standard they choose for AWS (says it all, right?). This gives the teams and formula 1 the chance to run all the necessary simulations without losing time. Which as we know is more than welcome in F1.



WHY should you start your AWS adventure today? It’s quite simple, it’s the future! Let me explain. Every company used to have their own expensive server room with their own IT team to run it. But as said that’s quite the investment for hardware that will be outdated in a couple of years. Imagine a future where every company can have the computer power of a formula 1 car on NOS (in human terms: A LOT OF power). In a future where companies use more big data, want to scale up faster and need as much computer power as possible that is no unnecessary luxury.

Every part of the market needs cloud computing for different reasons. Small companies who can’t afford to invest in expensive infrastructure have now access to the best IT infrastructure thanks to their reseller and AWS. For the big companies it is logical to move to the Cloud. They are creating a lot of data which will all be lost when they get hacked or their servers die for some reason. Next to that they can save a lot of money by outsourcing their server room.

In the US cloud computing is quickly becoming the standard. Belgian companies are starting to also adopt this. For this, they need a good local partner to show them how much they can gain and save by going to the cloud. But these partners are scarce now. So, there is a big market for grabs if you are willing to make the investment of time and energy.



Now for the HOW can I start with AWS? First of all, contact us, we can honestly help you finding your way. If you want to take it slow you can simply start offering cloud computing services via AWS to you customers. If you want to not only secure but also win the future, we recommend you take a deep dive into AWS with us. Creating resources that are dedicated on AWS and not only offer the AWS services but create packages of services. This could mean that you offer a package that consists of AWS services and add security services to that. As always, the one who dares to take the risk will be the one who takes the profit.

In conclusion we have laid out the WHAT, WHY and HOW can I start with AWS? AWS is a service of cloud computing. This can be used by your customers to grow their IT capabilities at a very low price. It is the future for companies to make better use of the data they have and the compute power they have not (yet). So if you are convinced, doubting or even interested we invite you to contact our lovely team here! Karima and Somia would love to help you further and kickstart this adventure! Contact them today!

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  • Published on April 09, 2022


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