Dynamix Solutions Inc. Experiences Tremendous Growth with Ingram Micro Cloud Partnership

Dynamix Solutions Inc. Experiences Tremendous Growth with Ingram Micro Cloud Partnership

Catching Up with Dynamix Solutions Inc.

Senior Account Manager, Terra Butler at Dynamix Solutions Incorporated, has been in the IT/technology industry for a little over four years but has spent the last 20 years in the service industry before making the switch. Dynamix Solutions Inc. has been an Ingram Micro Cloud partner for many, many years – after more than a decade of working with Ingram Micro, Dynamix Solutions Inc. cemented themselves as a powerful reseller on our Cloud Marketplace in 2016.

Butler and the team at Dynamix Solutions Inc. lead with a 'partner first' mindset.

“As long as I can remember, we've been partners,” Butler said. “We're growing, we love to make partnerships with all of our clients and our vendors.”  

Growing with Ingram Micro Cloud

Dynamix Solutions Inc. has been using the Cloud Marketplace platform since day one of its inception. As an early partner, they were able to beta test the Cloud Marketplace and since then, they have continued to use the platform for its ease of use and simplicity.

“It simplifies everything,” said Butler. “Everything is all in one spot, ready to go—and we can also integrate with our PSA and accounting tools, and therefore make life easier for our customers as well. We like having it all in one package and away we go!”

As a reseller partner, simplicity has been the key to success for Butler and the team. With a smooth and clear path to success, Ingram Micro Cloud has lowered the learning curve giving Dynamix Solutions Inc. profitable business outcomes in a fast-paced manner.

“The best thing a potential partner can do is get a demo and understand that it actually is a ‘click here, click there and it's done.’ It's that simple; there's not a big learning curve, it's just done for you,” she added.

When asked how the Cloud Marketplace has impacted customers’ business and profitability, Butler explained, “The big thing is everybody wants growth with the least residual issues. Therefore [our customers] know us—trust us, as a partner to make sure that everything is done smoothly, efficiently and to the point.”

Dynamix Solutions Inc. has also taken advantage of platform integrations as they have been made available. They have completed all the integrations with Microsoft. Currently, they are working on the integrations with Adobe while they continue to acquire new customers, helping them build their businesses by converting all clients to the Cloud Marketplace platform.

“[With our clients on the platform] we can generate their renewals and new licensing right there on the spot, without having to wait for an old-fashioned quote and sending it through,” Butler explained. “We're making up time and time is of the essence right now.” 


Partnering for Growth

“We’re in a tremendous growth period right now, so we’re growing with Ingram Micro Cloud—and in that type of partnership, when one person is growing, we all grow together,” Butler stated.

Dynamix Solutions Inc. saw an additional 10% growth in 2021, which Butler attributes to Ingram Micro Cloud’s support. The partnership has enabled the company to respond to the latest complexities in the cloud and adapt to the latest trend in technology, like cybersecurity protection. As the industry continues to change by the day, Dynamix Solutions Inc. can rely on the Ingram Micro Cloud team to overcome any roadblocks, attack issues head on and move forward to progress their business.

“In Canada, security and compliance are big factors. Ingram Micro Cloud is right there, on top of all that with us, and discussing with us,” Butler said. “The Ingram Micro Cloud team asks, ‘What can we do to help you understand where you're at in the market now,’ and helps us with what we need to do to ensure we are following protocols and compliance issues.”


Achieving Success

Ingram Micro Cloud is thrilled to continue strengthening our relationship with Dynamix Solutions Inc. in a way that promotes longevity and sustainable success. We know that the best partnerships are when both parties learn from each other – Dynamix Solutions Inc. is no exception as we continue to learn from them every step of the way in their cloud journey.

As Butler so eloquently imparted on us: “Believe in yourself. You know you can do anything you put your mind to. There may be obstacles in the way, but you can succeed. And success may not be always what you thought it was going to be. It changes constantly as you change.”


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  • Written by Anahelen Raymundo

  • Published on August 22, 2022

Anahelen Raymundo, Global Cloud Product Marketing Manager, Ingram Micro Cloud

Anahelen Raymundo, Global Cloud Product Marketing Manager, Ingram Micro Cloud

Anahelen handles global go-to-market strategy, including positioning, messaging and enablement related to partners, Cloud Marketplace and its associated features, programs and modules.