Driving Work-From-Anywhere Forward with Google Workspace

Driving Work-From-Anywhere Forward with Google Workspace

In the latest State of the U.S. Cloud Channel survey – the strategy and research firm Channelnomics has teamed up with Ingram Micro Cloud for the fourth year in a row to take the pulse of the cloud market. The results are in and roughly 97% of respondents said they offer productivity apps as part of their cloud portfolio.

While end users have been embracing those cloud apps for years, COVID-19 accelerated the trend as businesses closed office doors and employees traded cubicles for home offices. Vendors of cloud productivity solutions have doubled down on their efforts to enhance those solutions’ collaboration and communication features as remote work becomes the order of the day.

Through Google Workspace, the heart of Google’s productivity solution set, the vendor is making work-from-anywhere its mission. Focusing on flexibility and collaboration, intelligent tools, and streamlined knowledge sharing, Google aims to transform the workplace of the future with its collection of cloud products and tools, including Docs, Drive, Gmail, and Meet.

According to a recent PwC survey, 72% of office workers would like to work remotely at least two days a week. But remote work doesn’t mean working in isolation. Today’s workers seek not only pliability in when and where they work, but also a shared spirit of collaboration with colleagues and associates. Through its immersive technology, Google Workspace enables all employees to engage fully in the collaborative process, regardless of device, experience, language, or location.

In addition, the productivity suite uses intelligent tools that allow organizations to pare down inefficient processes and low-value tasks such as managing e-mail, tracking down documents, switching between apps, attending unproductive meetings, and addressing IT problems. Those things merely waste employees’ valuable time and impede the work-from-anywhere model.

With Google Workspace, intuitive searches call up the “right” files and folders when needed; calendars automatically find convenient meeting times and places; IT administrators can set up new users quickly; and personalized suggestions aid in email composition. Another key to the power of Google Workspace is integration – both among its apps and with third-party software. When all the systems communicate with each other, users can complete end-to-end workflows seamlessly.

The work-from-anywhere paradigm succeeds only when employees have easy access to an organization’s wealth of collective knowledge, and when they have the ability to unlock the value of that knowledge. Data in and of itself is of little value; it must be used to make better decisions and improve customer experiences.

Google Workspace lets employees search organizational assets quickly and easily; facilitate knowledge sharing and meaningful discussions; share documents in real time; and capture metrics on the fly. In addition, Google Workspace’s collaboration and communication technology allows people to experience a genuine connection to those with whom they share information and create additional value through teamwork.

To witness the magic of Google Workspace come to life, look no further than the channel players that deliver the cloud giant’s solutions.

The VARs, Systems Integrators, and Solution Providers that include Google in their cloud solution stack focus on helping businesses tie together their technology systems effectively and securely while getting the most value from their communication and collaboration portfolios.

Here at Ingram Micro Cloud, we have taken on the role of enabling those partners for success. We offer our partners an array of resources – credit and financing; content-rich playbooks, pitch decks and e-books; and diagnostic tools for measuring practice performance – to strengthen their competitive position in the cloud market. And, of course, an entire team of dedicated, local SMEs to support them along the way.

For more information, check out our Google Microsite: https://www.ingrammicrocloud.com/google-cloud/

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  • Written by Sarah Owens

  • Published on September 30, 2021

Sarah Owens

Sarah Owens, Comunication and Collaboration Cloud Sales Manager, Ingram Micro Cloud

Sarah leads our Cloud SaaS Sales team with the goal of helping our Ingram Micro Cloud partners effectively understand and build successful Communication and Collaboration practices.