Delight Customers and Multiply Profits with White-Label Marketplace

Delight Customers and Multiply Profits with White-Label Marketplace

Technology resellers worldwide are increasingly turning to a new sales channel—the white-label marketplace—as they seek a way to provide their end customers an online view of their portfolio of top products, along with self-branded services, while delivering a more customized buying experience.

Online business marketplaces have existed for a long time. Such marketplaces traditionally offer a cost-effective way to enter new markets and acquire a range of in-demand technologies and services to better serve end-customer demands. In the past few years, 82% of global B2C e-commerce growth came from marketplaces, and Forrester predicted in a 2020 blog that they expect similar trends to occur in B2B. So, the market potential for resellers is massive.

But despite one-stop-shop convenience and cost savings, there is a trade-off. Partnering with marketplaces means you inherently have less control over branding and the user experience.

COVID-19’s dramatic impact on B2B e-commerce

The coronavirus pandemic has driven more e-commerce than ever before. This means it’s increasingly critical for prospects and customers to be able to find your technology offerings organically. A white-label marketplace makes that search easier because it gives you the tools to build brand awareness online.

COVID-19 has also highlighted the importance of strengthening the e-commerce customer experience. A white-label marketplace ensures your end customers can shop online 24/7 at their convenience, rather than waiting to speak with a customer service representative during business hours to make a purchase. But this is just one way to improve your customer experience and make it pay off.

According to Forrester, 56% of B2B customers say they would pay more for a better experience, and they will not buy from the same business again if they have a bad experience. Yet too many businesses don’t provide basic capabilities such as easy navigation, relevant search results or clear product information.

Amazingly, 80% of customers abandon their e-commerce purchases for these and other reasons, potentially giving your competitors the sales that should have been yours.

Enter the white-label marketplace

In response to reseller demand for boosting their brand awareness and optimizing their customer experience and loyalty, Ingram Micro Cloud launched a world-class white-label marketplace, which lets you brand your marketplace according to your own requirements. For example, Ingram Micro Cloud White-Label Marketplace—which is part of an automated, end-to-end e-commerce platform—lets you:

  • Easily configure, customize and brand an end customer marketplace while keeping the intuitive look and feel similar to Cloud Marketplace.
  • Leverage marketing tools such as banners and featured products to increase brand awareness.
  • Use your own domain name to increase customer loyalty.
  • Set curated products, pricing and special promotions targeted to your customers.
  • Offer customers downloadable sales quotes—to help them close the sale faster.
  • Leverage the search bar capability so your customers can quickly find what they need.

A white-label marketplace should be fast and easy for you to set up. That way, you can seamlessly invite your customers to buy on your very own branded marketplace. With an Ingram Micro Cloud White-Label Marketplace, you can provision services rapidly, set preset bundles to increase your profit margin and streamline your back-office operations with API integration and consolidated control.

You can now sell more and make more

As a reseller partner, you can rapidly and conveniently automate your own cloud business, boost sales and multiply profits by directly offering our leading-edge solutions on your branded end customer marketplace—while ensuring access to cloud services that will delight your customers and win their loyalty. Get started with your personalized White-Label Marketplace today.

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  • Written by Evgeny Trikhin

  • Published on March 10, 2021

Evgeny Trikhin

Evgeny Trikhin, Product Manager, Ingram Micro Cloud

With more than 10 years of software development experience, Evgeny is responsible for driving the innovation behind the user experience of Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace.