The Cross Sell Opportunity

The Cross Sell Opportunity

In this blog we will take you in the Cross Sell Opportunity within Ingram Micro Cloud. Working with Ingram Micro Cloud means we can help you cross sell and upsell great vendor solutions. But do we really do this for you? We will tell you what we can do for you and what we as Ingram Micro Cloud can offer.


The numbers say it all


If we take a deeper look at the numbers, we see a lot of potential for you to grow. But also, areas where we as Ingram Micro must work on. We have picked up a couple numbers and facts from our database to present to you. We want to convince you that there is a lot of unused potential and growth for your business, where we as Ingram Micro can help you with.


Only 6% of all our partners adds a lead to any sort of cross sell to another solution


The fact that it mainly includes partner cross sell transactions of Modern Work to Azure and Azure to Modern Work, shows that we can do more for you to sell more different solutions. We as Ingram Micro have the scale, network, and knowledges to help you cross sell more solutions. We have a big number of other vendors that offer solutions like AvePoint Back up and we are here to help you thrive. 


Only 27% of our partners bill more than one solution/vendor with us


That is a business worth 360 million AC across all vendors, this fact shows that there is so much growth to be gained. Our goal is to work closely with you so that we can see how you gain more business and to bill more solutions with us. After all, working more with us is beneficial for both of us. We are here to help you in any way possible!


54% of partners that billed with us in the last 12 months, but did not add a single customer


It’s interesting to see what kind of conversations we had with these partners because the reasons are many, did you struggle due to the worldwide health crisis? had you have any credit issues or opened an account elsewhere? Or are you billing directly with Microsoft? It might not be that you did not added a single customer, you just did not add one with Ingram Micro in our Cloud Marketplace. This makes it interesting to see what we can get out of these conversations with you and anticipate on it. Especially because we bill at such a high number of respectively 621million ACD’s.


65% of partners that stopped billing with Ingram Micro in the last 12 months only transacted 1 solution, and 87% transact 1 or 2  


The fact that so many of you transact just 1 or 2 solutions is interesting to see, because if we can get you transacting more solutions, you will stay work with us, the reliance grows, and we can add even more value to your business. We as Ingram Micro Cloud talk about more as a service and we are willing to offer you that 10 times more!


The potential is big, but how can we as Ingram Micro Cloud help you?


By enabling you to cross sell, it will have the potential to increase an average deal size by 300%. Going from 500 to 2000 euro, it really is a size increase of 300%. The most important question is what steps can we as Ingram Micro take for you to encounter this? Therefor the first step is using the data. By using data, we can see what the most common cross sells are so that we can provide the right campaigns, workshops, webinars or whatever that needs to be done to drive up your cross selling’s. The data is there, and we are trying to use it the best way possible to counter all those problems and turning them into solutions and wins.

So that your business can thrive even more than it already is doing. This is a good example why we want to work more closely with you, so that we can find out what is holding you back to be more successful. We have the resources, talented people, and scale to boost your business up!


Speaking with you


The next step is speaking to you, we get a lot of feedback from a conversation with you. And we say to you it’s worth the conversation. We have got an incredible range of programs to help you out. To name an example BIZZ apps, because did you know you can add Dynamics into your offering without building a new practice and do the implementations, that makes it easy to add another solution to your offering. All this without doing anything. There is no need for an investment and so there is no risk. There are so many things going on in Ingram Micro and we are wondering if you are aware of this? We can safely say no! Most of you aren’t, maybe you one of them? We can help you from A to Z. Just having those general conversation with you, we figured out that 54% of you did not add a single customer in the last 12 months.

But we have seen and know that there are also a lot of you who sell a lot of solutions or adding customers on a weekly basis. And how did they do it and what makes it that it works for them. There is more information that we can get from the positives as well as the negatives.

By using data from our database and taking on the conversation with you we can help you with your businesses and let you thrive even more. It’s important to have that conversation only then we can know exactly what your struggles are and how we can help you achieve your goals.

Do you also want to increase you cross sell? Don’t hesitate and contact us! We are more than happy to guide and assist you in this process. The tools are here, the only step you must take is to contact us. Only together we can grow your business!


More information

Would you like to know how we can support you in your Cross Sell opportunity? Please contact our Cloud team via or 32 2 254 99 50.



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  • Written by Mat Batterbee

  • Published on August 20, 2021

Mat Batterbee

Mat Batterbee, Global Head of Business Applications, Ingram Micro