Creating Value-Based Business Partnerships with IXX and Ingram Micro Cloud

Creating Value-Based Business Partnerships with IXX and Ingram Micro Cloud

How IXX Started 

Recently we spoke with Mattias Christensson, CEO of IXX-IT Partner AB (“IXX”), an IT solutions company based in southern Sweden that focuses on value-added business partnerships with their clients. Christensson’s mother, Monika, was the IT business pioneer who started the company in 1985 to help advise and computerize financial departments. Christensson took over the role of CEO ten years ago, while Monika stayed on the Board and as an ambassador for the company. 

With a focus on Microsoft 365 packages that help with insider risk management and the modern workplace, IXX works with customers in a wide range of industries.  

“Our mission today continues to be helping companies grow and become more efficient and more digital,” said Christensson. “In order to give good advice and the proper tools for an IT strategy that fits well with the business strategy, we need to know our clients’ missions very well.”

Growing with Ingram Micro Cloud   

Strategic Planning 

Work with Ingram Micro Cloud started a few years ago with Andreas Franzen as IXX’s sales representative. After a couple of meetings and many discussions, both parties were able to identify sweet spots together that would benefit each side.  

“With Andreas and his team, we were able to get to another level of discussion beyond what other partners provided,” said Christensson. “The Ingram Micro Cloud team brings a different view that others do not have.”

By asking key questions on how to develop together and how to build greater competence, Ingram Micro Cloud was able to offer the additional training and skills to help IXX build more and better solutions for their end customers in both their traditional Microsoft 365 business and in Dynamics 365, as well as with Azure. 

True Teamwork 

IXX credits their ability to achieve their strategic plan of growth—from simply “moving boxes” to selling licenses—to the close partnership they developed with Ingram Micro Cloud team. 

Andreas Franzen, Sales Manager at Ingram Micro Cloud, said, “I think we didn't create just a business relationship; it's also more of a friendship relationship because we do so much together. IXX is always there for us if we need them, and we are always there for IXX.” 

“The partnership has so many different levels,” said Christensson. “You have to make a good team from both sides. You have to mix the different levels in the team and have a close, ‘working togetherness’ point of view where you talk in the daily business.”

“And when you work together on a daily basis, you meet each other in different operational situations and then you get to know each other really well also as a person,” he added. 

Keys to Success

As part of the plan for growth and development, Ingram Micro introduced IXX to a Partner-to-Partner (P2P) program to skill up and accelerate the Dynamics 365 business. According to Christensson, this concept and opportunity that Andreas put together with him was a success. Also, the skills that Simon Minshall, Solutions Architect, and CG Monteblanco, Customer Success Manager, added to IXX’s team from Ingram Micro’s side were keys to that success and today they all work together on several consultations. 

“We stand together and present new learnings for the end customer together,” said Christensson. “It’s an extremely successful way to do business.”  

“Also, a key question back at the start was how to make this a successful partnership for both of us, not only with new cloud business but also with the traditional hardware and software business,” Christensson noted. “We don't see Ingram Micro Cloud as one partner and Ingram Micro as another partner for us. It all goes together and that is also a big advantage because now we have one partnership that can do many things together and all the necessary relationships to help each other in so many different ways.” 

Consistent Results   

With upskilling the IXX team and the NCE transition, a quick look at their dashboard shows excellent results. ARR has increased rapidly, with the seat trend on MRR pointing steadily upward over the year. IXX’s customer base comprises many large customers, and they command a big share of high-end licenses. Net dollar retention (NRR) also shows they are doing well with growing their existing customer base; the adoption rate on enterprise SKUs from business standard to enterprise is 60%.  

“We’re looking at the numbers all the time,” said Franzen. “IXX is healthy and growing; they are doing the right things with Microsoft platform.” 

Achieving Success  

IXX has experienced 25% year-over-year growth in cloud and managed services after partnering with Ingram Micro Cloud. Yet another example of partnership success and collaboration: when Ingram Micro won the Partner of the Year for Dell last year, IXX won the Rising Star of the Year for Dell. 

“Our thinking is if you want to make a difference, you don't work with only the mail and teams client—you want more,” said Christensson. “You want to make a difference with the entire IT investment and eliminate the gap between business strategy and IT strategy.” 

As a result of the partnership, IXX today is not only delivering boxes and licenses, but also expanding their cloud business—becoming a trusted strategic advisor for their clients along the way. We, at Ingram Micro, are proud to be a trusted strategic advisor for IXX, as well, and to help IXX with their vision of accelerating the growth of Sweden’s businesses.    

Learn more about growing your cloud business with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Ingram Micro Cloud’s 

Partner-to-Partner program.






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  • Written by Andreas Franzen

  • Published on February 08, 2023

Andreas Franzen

Andreas Franzen, Cloud Leader for Nordics, Ingram Micro Cloud

Andreas has spent more than seven years in the tech industry and was born and raised in the clouds; he has certifications in BizApps/Dynamics 365, Microsoft 365 and BitTitan to prove this. Sales is in his DNA, and he has worked as a senior sales leader for the past 10 years. Previously, Andreas’ experience included a variety of roles in sales, account management, key account management, etc. His expertise is to listen to the customer’s needs and resolve their pains with long-term solutions. If nothing goes right, he will go left to find the solution that fits the customer’s needs and the expectations!