Cloud Platform Updates: Enhancing the Partner Experience

For more flexibility, better automation and faster activation.

Customer-Focused Today and Tomorrow

Ingram Micro Cloud’s goal is simple: invest in partner success. This commitment allows our partners to develop a clear path to success that’s paved with ample resources. With continued investments to enhance our platform, we’re constantly optimizing that path to meet the needs of the everchanging changing landscape. Whether it’s feature update to make a partner’s life easier or a major integration that helps streamline a process, Ingram Micro Cloud is dedicated to offering our partners the tools and resources they need to enable their growth. 

As a continued investment in partner success, Ingram Micro Cloud released a series of platform updates designed to help partners save time, offer more flexibility, and accelerate customer acquisition to enable greater growth. These updates are available directly on the Cloud Marketplace and via Xvantage using the Cloud Marketplace link.  


                               “The experience is everything and with these new and expanding automations, capabilities and integrations, we are simplifying success for our channel partners and providers worldwide…”   

                                Sanjib Sahoo
                                 EVP and Chief Digital Officer, Ingram Micro  


Azure Usage Billing

With Ingram Micro Cloud, partners get the tools and resources they need to enable their business to grow. Coming soon, partners will have access to reporting functionality directly from Cloud Marketplace that give them more accurate insights for customers’ usage and pricing. With a clear, comprehensive understanding of their business, partners will spend less time reconciling billing and more time accelerating their growth. With access to a comprehensive billing report, partners now have access to: 

  • Bulk reporting with line-item detail of all end-costumer usage 
  • Azure usage reporting for closed billing period for invoice reconciliation 
  • Azure usage reporting for open billing period for revenue projection and risks in real-time 
  • Cost visibility with reseller margins and special discounts


Platform Updates

The partner experience is always top of mind at Ingram Micro Cloud. Partners will have more flexibility when it comes to managing their Microsoft NCE subscriptions through several new features. By removing the rigidity and manual processes of managing their subscriptions, partners can focus on helping their customers grow.

Added flexibility with Microsoft NCE billing configurations allows partners to:

  • Align billing periods to new or active subscriptions 
  • Align billing cycles to a calendar date 
  • Schedule changes for renewal day 
  • Partially update subscriptions


Automation Features – NCE Promotions

Ingram Micro Cloud allows its partners and their customers to be the first to access the latest offers and promotions in real-time as Microsoft launches them. By providing partners speed to market with real-time access to current promotions, they can activate customers faster with the latest discounts

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  • Published on February 09, 2023