Cloud Marketplace Sessions and Hands-On Labs at Cloud Summit 2022

Build. Grow. Scale. Today

With 27 marketplaces, 63,000 VARs and MSPs, 17.2 million+ in managed seats and 333,000 end customers in 76 countries, we believe we are on the right track in helping our reseller partners access more, offer more and evolve more. The Cloud Marketplace team has dedicated 14 educational sessions and hands-on labs at Cloud Summit 2022 dedicated to supplementing your growth – we want to provide assistance with setting up and configuring platform integrations, show you the ins-and-outs of our marketplace features and outline the best practices that lead to success with your own customers. Choose the program level that is best suited for you – whether you are ready to build, grow or scale your business, we are ready to support you every step of the way.  



Build with Ingram Micro Cloud as a Partner 

Ingram Micro Cloud is the partner for every problem solver in search of a solution and every innovator with a dream. By identifying and bringing to market groundbreaking technologies that can transform your business operations, we empower you to do more. Ready? Set. Grow!  

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Establish Your Brand with White-Label Marketplace 

In this hands-on session, learn how to configure and customize your own marketplace with the White-Label Marketplace.  We want to give you the ability to brand your end-customer marketplace to foster brand recognition and trust. You can now make your customers happier and more satisfied, while you sell more – and profit more.   



Grow with Easy Platform Integrations 

Effortless platform integrations are here to help you easily automate data exchange between Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace and your local systems. With your access, you have a full spectrum of choices—ranging from intuitive, ready-to-use native integrations to flexible, do-it-yourself integrations.  

Introduction to Ultra – Grow Beyond the Ordinary 

Do you want to grow faster than the market and double your customer base faster than your peers? Introducing your path to Ultra success. With a unique set of enablers now at your fingertips, we are excited to share with you the secret sauce to Ultra success.  

Customer Retention is the New Compounding Interest 

Customer retention is vastly cheaper than obtaining a new customer base. If that is the case, why do most businesses ignore the investment in retaining their current base? The answer is simpler than you might think; few understand what Customer Success is. In fact, Ingram Micro Cloud recently invested in tremendous resources to provide you, our partners, with a Customer Success Team to help TEACH best practices in SaaS. This is your opportunity to learn and discuss with our new, experienced team. 

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Path to Platform Proficiency  

Join us as we break down the 90-day Path to Proficiency with Ingram Micro Cloud and our Platform Success Onboarding Representatives (PSOR). This team is responsible for ensuring all new Ingram Micro Cloud partners have a complete understanding of the Cloud Marketplace and all the technology it offers. In this session, we will focus on ordering and provisioning, customer manager, invoicing and payments, white labeling, and integrations.  



Application Mapping—The Foundation of Successful Migration and Transformation Services 

In this hands-on session, learn the best practices for discovery and application mapping. Perform live application mapping in our lab with a premier toolset and gain additional understanding on how to bring these capabilities to your projects and clients. 

Build with More Visibility and Control with Comprehensive Integrations 

Purpose-built for modern MSPs, let us show you how to set up and configure your PSA of choice and obtain complete visibility into your entire business from quote to cash—all in a single-pane-of-glass view. By eliminating repeatable processes and creating a seamless experience across Cloud Marketplace and the systems you are currently using, we can help boost your efficiency and save several hours of valuable time every month. 

Rev Up Channel Revenue Management with CloudBlue PSA 

Our CloudBlue PSA platform offers a unique 360-degree view on BizOps, billing and invoice capabilities, delivery and much more! Fully integrated with the Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace backend, resellers can view, manage, and bill perpetual licensed hardware purchases and cloud subscription services from this single location. 

Discovery and Decisions with Ultra Insights 

With great data comes great responsibility. When you have the right customer data, you can make better decisions for your company and your customers. With Ingram Micro Cloud’s Ultra Program, we’ll show you insights bespoke to each member that help with educated decision making, discovery of whitespace opportunities, retaining customers and growing your skillsets and revenue.  



Cloud Coffee in Miami 

Ready to do more? Join us in this special session to network with Ingram Micro Cloud’s country leaders and other like-minded partners. We will provide the coffee, as well as a year in review of our Cloud Marketplace features, recent platform improvements and a special reveal of our short-term roadmap. Network with strategic partners about their success and share your feedback to help us make your Ingram Micro Cloud experience even better.  



Ultra Automation – Minimize Input, Maximize Growth 

To maximize your growth and minimize your input, you need to enable automation of your services. As an Ingram Micro Cloud Ultra member, you will not only receive the tools to grow faster, but also have the automation resources to be efficient. In this session, we will discuss the free automation services included in your Ultra membership—such as CloudBlue PSA and White Label Marketplace Pro, and external advanced integrations into the Cloud Marketplace like ConnectWise, Autotask and QuickBooks Online. Join us for an automation deep dive! 


Integrating with Marketplace API via the Cloud Marketplace Interface 

Did you know you can now access Marketplace API via the Cloud Marketplace interface? Integrate all your e-commerce, CRM, and ERP/billing systems with the Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace. Improve and simplify your internal operations three-fold.  



How To Be 4x More Profitable Without Selling 

In a subscription economy where recurring revenue is key, relationship-focused customer management is a necessity to power retention and growth. Businesses who aren’t putting an emphasis on helping their customers reach and exceed their goals are obstructing their own success. In this all-inclusive breakout session, we’ll discuss how to leverage support-driven growth and the tools you need to succeed in a subscription economy.  

We can’t wait to see you in Miami Beach, Florida!  

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  • Category Growth & Best Practices

  • Written by Anahelen Raymundo

  • Published on May 18, 2022

Anahelen Raymundo, Global Cloud Product Marketing Manager, Ingram Micro Cloud

Anahelen Raymundo, Global Cloud Product Marketing Manager, Ingram Micro Cloud

Anahelen handles global go-to-market strategy, including positioning, messaging and enablement related to partners, Cloud Marketplace and its associated features, programs and modules.