Cloud Marketplace Integrations to Save Time and Sell More


When we surveyed our reseller partners last year on what features are most important to you, platform integrations rose to the top of the list. Subsequently, we focused our engineering efforts on helping you easily automate data exchange between the Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace Platform and your internal systems. Today we offer effortless integrations ranging from out-of-the box, native integrations with systems such as ConnectWise, Autotask, and QuickBooks Online (coming soon in May 2022)—to low-code/no-code integrations through Zapier, to do-it-yourself integrations using our Marketplace API kit. Our goal is to ensure a seamless experience between Cloud Marketplace and the tools you already use, as well as the tools you are planning to use in the future, to help you scale as your business grows. 

Let’s briefly describe the three types of integrations. 


Native Integrations 

Out-of-the-Box native integrations integrates your local PSA tool with Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace. By adding the credentials to the tools on your local system, such as ConnectWise or Autotask, you can connect to them and sync directly from the Cloud Marketplace platform for free. 



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ConnectWise Integration helps you streamline your service delivery. It works by connecting your subscriptions from Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace with ConnectWise, so you can benefit from more simplification, more standardization, and more automation at every step of the distribution process. 



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The new Autotask native integration will help you streamline swivel-chair processes and save around 120 hours every year from eliminating manual operations. Prepare for a far more seamless experience across the Cloud Marketplace directly from your Autotask PSA. 



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QuickBooks Online integration will give you the freedom to work from anywhere. You can access and sync data across all your devices – computer, tablet and smartphone, while your data is securely backed up in the cloud. Experience more collaboration with less data entry. 


Low-Code No-Code Integrations 

The second type of integration we offer utilizes a third-party tool, Zapier, which allows for integration with more than 2,000 business applications. With a drag-and-drop style, Zapier helps automate the smaller but time-consuming business processes in the least amount of effort required, making life a lot easier with automation. You will find this type of integration extremely helpful with the following tools: 

  • Marketing Automation Tools (e.g., pull customer and/or subscription information from Cloud Marketplace into marketing automation system for an email marketing campaign) 

  • CRM and Customer Management Tools (e.g., automatically send an order confirmation email to the customer once a new order is placed through the marketplace)  

  • Business Intelligence Tools (e.g., synchronize order and subscription information between Cloud Marketplace and your own customer management or BI system) 

  • Support, Ticketing and ITSM Tools (e.g., provision or process new license and/or subscription change requests from IT directly from your ITSM system to Cloud Marketplace) 


Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Integrations 

Lastly, we bring flexible Cloud Marketplace APIs to our partners to automate repeatable, day-to-day processes on Cloud Marketplace platform. If you have developers who can build applications, the APIs allow you to build your own integrations to your preferred local systems. Our partners appreciate the DIY option especially for: 

  • New, change and cancellation orders 

  • Subscription provisioning and deprovisioning 

  • Consumption and usage reporting 

  • Billing and invoicing processes 

Save time by simplifying your Cloud Marketplace integration with Marketplace API - YouTube 


Does the concept of “integrations” still worry you? Regardless of how big or small your technical team is, we have integration specialists in the Americas, Europe and Asia who are experts in taking you through installation of integrations. Our dedicated integrations team works closely with you to understand, implement and configure the different types of integrations available so that you can be more productive—at no cost to you. 

By eliminating repeatable processes and creating a seamless experience across Cloud Marketplace and the systems you are already using, we can help you boost your efficiency and save several hours a month of time every month. If you aren’t currently using a PSA system, we even offer our own solution, CloudBlue PSA, which is already connected to the backend of the Cloud Marketplace. Your benefits, as an Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace partner, also include a worldwide platform success consulting team. 

At Ingram Micro, we do more so our partners can sell more. Contact us to get started

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  • Written by Bernardo Mello

  • Published on April 12, 2022

Bernardo Mello

Bernardo Mello, Product Manager, CloudBlue

Bernardo is an engineer with a passion for solving problems, and that’s why he fell in love with Product Management. He has 10+ years of experience with roles that ranged between Data Analytics, Process Optimization, Project Leadership, and Product Management. His goal as a product manager is to bring solutions that not only get the job done but also drive sustainable growth for our customers and their business.