Achieve Digital Marketing Success With Our New Webinars

Achieve Digital Marketing Success With Our New Webinars

When it comes to getting results from your cloud marketing strategy and tactics, you don’t need to be an expert in digital marketing to succeed. You simply need to know how to do two things well:

  1. Develop a strategic approach to get the right messaging to your target audience.
  2. Optimize your digital marketing time, effort and resources.

Even if your cloud marketing is working, there’s always room for improvement. To help you craft and implement a more effective digital marketing strategy, Ingram Micro Cloud is offering a series of live, expert-led webinars that will guide you in developing the right strategy and executing on it.

We’ve partnered with Boot Camp Digital, a global digital marketing training company with more than 15 years of experience empowering businesses like yours to achieve measurable results.

In our digital marketing webinar series, you can expect to:

  • Engage with hands-on, interactive formats so your experience is more personalized.
  • Learn how to better collaborate and plan digital marketing efforts with all stakeholders.
  • Access tools that help you rapidly and effectively launch or upgrade digital marketing.
  • Leverage industry use cases that relate to your company’s marketing objectives.

Our digital marketing webinar series is available live every other Wednesday through October in our Go-to-Market Hub. You can also access the webinars on demand immediately after they’re broadcast. Each webinar shares actionable, results-driven digital marketing strategies and best practices that are transferrable to your own business needs.


5 steps to more effective digital marketing


In these webinars, we’ll be taking a closer look at the five major steps of successful digital marketing:

1. Connect with buyers throughout their journey

Do you have a clear strategy based on your buyer’s journey? The B2B customer journey has multiple touchpoints. It’s important to remember that B2B buying is a process given that decisions don’t happen in isolation. Being in front of decision-makers at the right times with the right messages is vital to your success.

In these webinars, you’ll discover how to:

  • Master each stage of the buyer’s journey.
  • Research your buyers and their interests.
  • Create a plan that applies to each stage.
  • Articulate your marketing strategy and approach.

2. Create a dynamic marketing plan

Building a clear marketing plan is vital to your success in digital marketing. If you don’t have a plan, you won’t get results. It starts by developing a clear vision of what you want to achieve and how you’ll achieve it.

Next, you’ll determine which tools and channels will effectively drive your business forward. Finally, you’ll attach metrics and KPIs, so you know exactly what’s working—and what’s not.

In these webinars, you’ll learn how to:

  • Clearly define your goals, channels and tactics.
  • Build a more successful plan based on best practices.
  • Factor in critical details such as timing and resources.
  • Measure your success and drive accountability.

3. Connect sales and marketing

To maximize success, your sales and marketing teams should collaborate and complement each other. While they’re separate disciplines, integrating them achieves the best digital marketing results. Marketing can accelerate sales teams by building awareness, nurturing opportunities and even driving leads and conversions.

In these webinars, you’ll explore how to:

  • Align sales and marketing to achieve successful results.
  • Connect sales and marketing via buyer’s journey touchpoints.
  • Use sales insights gained to build your marketing content plan.
  • Super-charge your sales team with marketing insights.

4. Build a B2B marketing funnel

The B2B marketing funnel is about using inbound marketing to connect with your buyers and nurture them throughout their journey. Creating a strong funnel gives you the opportunity to scale and grow your business by generating predictable lead flow and optimizing conversion. And it’s one of the most effective ways to reach and convert your B2B buyers.

In these webinars, you’ll be able to:

  • Define what a marketing funnel is, why you need one and how to create one.
  • Target the channels you’ll want to use at each stage of the funnel.
  • Leverage professional tips to maximize your marketing’s effectiveness.
  • Connect your sales team to the funnel.

5. Manage and nurture leads

This webinar will dive into how you can more efficiently manage and nurture leads through the marketing funnel to drive sales. With leads are all around you—from networking events to LinkedIn and from industry groups to membership associations—it pays to know as much as possible about lead generation and conversion.

In these webinars, you’ll understand how to:

  • Unlock hidden leads you may not have considered.
  • Build a system to better manage your leads.
  • Launch full-funnel lead nurturing for your company.
  • Use multiple touchpoints for your lead nurturing.


Dive into our digital marketing webinars


This new Ingram Micro Cloud webinar series can help you optimize your digital marketing strategy, tactics and results. Are you ready to make it happen? To access this webinar series, simply log on to Cloud Marketplace and go to our Go-to-Market Hub.

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  • Written by Anahelen Raymundo

  • Published on May 13, 2021

Anahelen Raymundo, Global Cloud Product Marketing Manager, Ingram Micro Cloud

Anahelen Raymundo, Global Cloud Product Marketing Manager, Ingram Micro Cloud

Anahelen handles global go-to-market strategy, including positioning, messaging and enablement related to partners, Cloud Marketplace and its associated features, programs and modules.