5 Strategies to Stay Ahead of the Technology Curve with Google for Education

5 Strategies to Stay Ahead of the Technology Curve with Google for Education

Welcome to 2021 - where every educational institution has had to turn on a dime and support a variety of delivery methods, whether it be online, a hybrid approach, or even incorporating in-person again. Creating both a secure and engaging environment does not come without its challenges. With restricted budgets and limited resources, how does the modern day educator step up their game while remaining compatible with all learning environments? Lots of patience, a strong cup of coffee, and reliable technology and devices is a good place to start.

Google for Education is a powerful platform that allows all degrees of governmental and district leaders to manage all of their needs in one, secure place. Between having the tools to host flexible virtual events for large groups, having a secure place to store files, and getting creative in delivering electronic materials, Google for Education delivers on every level. The solution to modern day institutional problems for education is available to anyone. So, what’s the strategy? How do educators stay ahead of the technology curve with Google for Education?


Managing Struggles

Amongst the common struggles for educational institutions is having a strong technology platform that can accommodate large groups with high level security that is simple to manage from afar. Part of the allure of adopting Google for Education is the fact that everything is cloud-based. The benefits are endless, including less risk of computer crashes that result in lost work (no more lost work at all, actually), significantly reduced risk of viruses from accessing bad links or downloads, automatic updates in the background, and managed security from an admin level that can be accessed remotely. Administrators and teachers alike can get what they need out of one, easy-to-use platform with secure devices that provide simple tools for educators to engage students and parents without hassle. Let’s just say, Google for Education brings the best of Google to education, to help transform teaching and learning by providing every student and teacher with a personalized learning environment.

Solving Current Problems

If the past year has taught us anything, it’s that technology can be complicated. And everyone’s tech-savviness is at varying levels across the board. Teachers need something simple but robust while being easy enough for students to utilize without the added stress and distraction of complicated technology learning curves. Administrators need aggregation models, reporting, and transparency for all classrooms. IT Departments need strict security protocols, inexpensive technology solutions to accommodate large student bodies, and cloud-based administrator controls to allow them full control on all systems no matter where the equipment is. Google for Education is the solution to all of those problems. Google supports shareable devices and collaborative tools that spark learning from anywhere, anytime, and on any budget. District leaders and teachers are supported through robust reporting and aggregate student information tools and while IT administrators are set free with cloud-native IT setup. Everyone can get what they need on any budget. Speaking of affordable, Ingram Micro has teamed up with several manufacturers like Samsung, Dell, Acer, HP, Asus, and Lenovo to offer affordable Chromebooks which can be locked and loaded with Chrome device management. And did you know, CloudReady and Chrome Education Upgrade gives new life to older devices? It really does and the devices never slow down. Schools can easily expand their ecosystem with simplified deployment and advanced security we so depend on. Google offers a variety of form factors and integrates with a world of apps supporting all learners. And did you know, Chromebooks are built for students with extra durability in the design and production, and attention to detail including keyboards displaying lowercase letters instead of uppercase letters to accommodate younger students learning how to spell. Could it get any better than this?

Understanding Long-Term Value

Google for Education was designed for educators by educators. Everything within the Google for Education platform was made to provide value in every degree of the education world. Whether you’re an administrator looking for metrics to report on your school’s success, an IT professional wrestling with privacy and network security issues, or teachers looking for simple, secure, and sharable devices to create and communicate with, Google for Education has it all. Administrators love aggregation models in a single dashboard that allow them to keep updated and project future models to ensure that their schools are hitting district goals. IT is set free from worry with features that allow them to deploy and manage everything from afar. Teachers are relieved that students can learn from anywhere with apps, settings, and more from any device while increasing their depth of digital knowledge, preparing them for the future.

Finding Solutions That Simplify IT Admin Needs

Managing an entire fleet of computers and portable devices amongst staff is difficult enough. Now, most students have access to a computer, or their own individual portable device issued to them for remote learning. The task of managing the IT administration behind that can feel overwhelming. A range of simple yet powerful devices with built-in accessibility and security features is the answer. IT professionals can rest easy knowing that Chromebooks paired with  Chrome OS Upgrades they can easily deploy and manage their entire Chrome ecosystem, no matter where they are or where the devices are actually located. In fact, according to the IDC whitepaper on “The Economic Value of Chromebooks for Educational Institutions,” Google Chrome for Education is 68% more efficient with ongoing device support. Because of features like automatic updates, remote admin control, app restrictions, data migration, phishing and malware protection, and advanced security best practices, keeping systems managed and up to par is easier than ever. Gone are the days of mountains of paperwork, lost electronic files, and standing behind a student to monitor their computer usage!

Enabling Digital Transformation While Managing Security

What is a good educational platform without next-level security? Now more than ever, technology systems are at high-risk for being compromised, and education institutions are no exception. Google for Education enables you to get more control across your domain with proactive security tools that help you defend against threats, analyze security incidents, and protect student and faculty data. With an array of tools to use, security has become easier to manage:

  • The Investigation Tool allows you to identify, triage, and take action on security and privacy issues such as abusive material being shared, accidental file sharing, email triage and email phishing/malware attempts, and stopping malicious actors. Paired with Chrome OS Upgrade devices can be transferred for standardized testing, enabled SSO login, and set up automatic re-enrollment.
  • The Security Dashboard gives you an overview of your various security reports, including customizable data view for up to 180 days of historical transparency and a quick view of phishing attempts and spam volume.
  • The Security Health page provides a comprehensive overview of the security of your Google Workspace environment and makes comparing configurations against recommendations a simple and proactive process to protect your organization.
  • Advanced Admin Controls allows you to monitor and control which users and devices have access to your domain and data.
  • 24x7 IT Admin Support with the added benefit of Chromes OS troubleshooting assistance.


No matter where you sit in the realm of education, Google for Education has a platform or device for you to succeed. With an expansive set of tools, a cloud-based infrastructure, and continuous enhancements, Google is an easy-sell solution for educational or federally funded institutions. Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace makes it easier than ever for resellers to take advantage of promotions, discounted buy rates, and free trainings. To learn more about simple yet powerful Chromebook paired with Chrome Education Upgrade visit; how to become a Reseller of Google for Education visit; or connect with our dedicated Google team at GoogleCloudSales@ingrammicro.com.

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  • Published on April 27, 2021

Nicholas Quinn

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