3 Ways To Do More With Less

Microsoft Azure

As the business landscape continues to evolve, businesses are facing significant challenges that impact their customers' bottom line. Inflation and rising energy prices are affecting costs, while geopolitical and supply chain disruptions are creating uncertainty. Additionally, talent shortages are leading to increased labor costs, further straining budgets. In this environment, you must find innovative ways to help your customers do more with less. Fortunately, Microsoft Azure provides a solution that can help organizations overcome these challenges.

To help customers do more with less, modernizing legacy IT infrastructure is key. Outdated systems hinder agility and responsiveness to market changes. By modernizing and optimizing, organizations can improve efficiency and reduce costs significantly. 

Cost optimization is just the beginning. Businesses must be digitally resilient to thrive. By offering guidance and solutions to anticipate and respond to disruptions, you can help customers stay ahead of the curve. Let’s explore three ways in which you can help your customers do more with Microsoft Azure.

  1. Migrate to save costs

    Migrating on-premises workloads to Microsoft Azure can help organizations save on energy costs and reduce their carbon footprint. It can also improve operational efficiency and maintain agility. With Azure Hybrid Benefit, businesses can achieve up to 85% savings over the standard pay-as-you-go rate when they migrate Microsoft Windows licenses. By leveraging energy-efficient technologies and renewable energy sources, Microsoft Azure offers a sustainable solution to computing needs.

  2. Optimize to improve agility

    Optimizing existing cloud investments and improving agility is crucial for businesses to remain competitive. Microsoft Azure offers several tools to help customers achieve these goals. Cost Management provides a comprehensive view of Microsoft Azure spending, enabling customers to set spending thresholds and identify opportunities for workload changes.

    Azure Advisor offers personalized best practices to improve workload efficiency. By following Microsoft best practices for cost optimization throughout the cloud journey, customers can achieve cost savings and improve workload performance. Additionally, Azure Arc simplifies the management of hybrid and multi-cloud environments, reducing the need for costly third-party tools. These solutions allow businesses to streamline their operations, reduce costs and increase their agility in response to changing market conditions.

  3. Reinvest to drive innovation

    In today's business landscape, reinvesting in your organization is an essential ingredient for growth and staying ahead of the game. Microsoft Azure offers an opportunity to become more resilient and innovative while bolstering critical security and compliance posture. Prioritizing business continuity and disaster recovery can help you identify unforeseen disruptions.

    With Microsoft Azure, you can also build innovative solutions that deliver new business value so you can set yourself apart from your competitors. Whether you're looking to optimize your existing investments, move to the cloud or create new solutions, Microsoft Azure provides the ultimate flexibility and scalability to help you achieve your goals. The possibilities are limitless with Microsoft Azure. Seize them to unlock your full potential.

Microsoft Azure offers solutions

Navigating market uncertainty while accelerating growth is no small feat. Thankfully, Microsoft Azure solutions can help organizations achieve both objectives simultaneously. With the ability to flip CAPEX to OPEX, organizations can save significant costs compared to on-premises solutions.

Microsoft Azure's seamless scalability enables organizations to meet demand as needed, while cost optimization and improved resilience ensure the architecture is always up to date. By retiring technical debt and investing in critical security measures, organizations can future-proof applications and ensure that they are ready to tackle the challenges of tomorrow.

Wondering where to start?

To take advantage of the benefits of Microsoft Azure, the next steps for organizations should include a technical solution assessment to evaluate their current workloads and potential cost savings by moving to Microsoft Azure. Additionally, the Azure Migration & Modernization Program provides access to technical and partner expertise that accelerates the migration process.

Azure Advisor can offer personalized recommendations to optimize architecture and improve workload efficiency. Finally, leveraging Microsoft Security can enhance critical security and compliance posture to increase resiliency.

By taking these steps, organizations can successfully navigate market uncertainty, retire technical debt and invest in innovation for long-term growth.

Why ask our help?

Ingram Micro has earned Microsoft's Azure Expert MSP status for 2022, marking three consecutive years of recognition for exceptional service. The certification, which is only awarded to a select group of MSPs, distinguishes Ingram Micro as the sole indirect provider to earn such a title.

The Azure Expert MSP program was launched in 2018 to identify top-performing MSPs that aid customers in achieving their cloud objectives. To qualify for this program, partners must undergo stringent audits to determine if they have the necessary processes, experience and technology to provide high-quality managed services on Microsoft Azure.

Ingram Micro's continued certification showcases their unwavering commitment to delivering valuable and consistent services to Microsoft Azure clients. By partnering with Ingram Micro, our experts can help you accelerate your Microsoft Azure business, so you can help your customers move faster, achieve more and save more.

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  • Written by Elja van de Stolpe

  • Published on May 30, 2023

Elja van de Stolpe

Elja van de Stolpe, Cloud Marketing Manager, Strategic Vendor, Ingram Micro Cloud

Elja leads the marketing strategy in the Benelux for Ingram Micro Cloud. She helps identify the best solutions for common technology challenges, translates these into effective marketing plans and campaigns and connects with technical and sales gurus in the cloud field.